Beatstar Touch Your Music v28.0.3.1993 MOD (ALWAYS TAP PERFECT) APK

Descriptions :

Beatstar is a music game where players can enjoy the songs of famous artists and complete the level perfectly. Many elements will appear in front of the players' eyes and they must match them correctly in order not to miss anything. At the same time, the diverse number of songs can fully satisfy each person's entertainment needs and the challenges that await them. Beatstar - Touch your music


The gameplay that Beatstar offers you is that you will experience immersive songs with challenging gameplay that you will overcome. You'll see a stage with three rows, and at the end of those rows is a bar with the word Perfect. At the same time, you ensure that none of these items pass this bar without being matched. In other words, if any component exceeds the Perfect bar, you are forced to quit the game. The gameplay is understandable, but requires the skills of the players. The elements you need to match as you pass the Perfect bar are the black bars and the symbols in the middle. If it's a horizontal line, you need to check it if it lines up with the Perfect bar. You will constantly be working with different elements, and your hands will not be free, because sometimes the number of them is large, and you need to pay attention to and adjust up to three lines. Also, next to the basic element with horizontal lines, there are arrow marks and horizontal lines with tails.

Similar to many other rhythm games, players have to deal with output elements with different symbols. Next to the horizontal line icon, the one with a tail requires the player to match exactly and hold until his tail disappears completely. Another downright challenging type is the arrow marker, which forces you to swipe in a certain direction, and of course, this is also something that sometimes makes you forget about other things.


Once you enter Beatstar, the player accesses the primary song and progressively improves their skills to complete the level. Each song has its rating bar and you have to fill it to collect different stars. At the same time, you will love the levels in this game because it is designed to help you fully feel the rhythm of the songs. In other words, you will focus on the gameplay and enjoy the unforgettable songs.

In this game players will find many different amazing songs and of course you will find popular songs from artists from all over the world. They dive into Avicii songs or even the music that's been around the internet for many years, Gangnam Styles. At the same time, you also realize that these songs all have a certain level of difficulty that players have to choose.


As mentioned above, you can always stop the level in Beatstar because you skipped an element that goes through the Perfect bar. To make it difficult for the players, the game offers you different challenges in each song and you will see that many elements appear that you must combine. Their numbers are absolutely overwhelming and you'll have to mobilize your reflexes in order not to miss anything. It will make you not take your eyes off the screen and immerse yourself in the music world.

Features :

* With simple operations, you can enjoy your favorite songs in this new way.
* A variety of different melodies so you can freely choose the songs you love.
* Earn points through games to top the leaderboard with outstanding achievements.
* Share music with friends to make them feel; You can challenge them and brag when you beat them.
* Experience a generous and fun playing space that brings moments of comfortable music enjoyment.

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