Worms Merge idle snake game v1.2.0 MOD (Increased Rewards) APK

Descriptions :

Welcome to Worms Merge: idle snake game, a delightful merger of the beloved .io genre and synthesis gameplay. This arcade-style game takes the nostalgia of snake games and combines it with the excitement of synthesis gaming, resulting in a unique and entertaining experience. In Worms Merge, you will dive into a world where these two gaming worlds meet in perfect harmony, offering a captivating blend of fun, strategy, and competition.

A Classic Revived

Worms Merge takes you back to a simpler time, where you start as a tiny worm and navigate through a sea of food to grow bigger and stronger. The classic snake gameplay is revived with a twist, as you not only strive for growth but also aim to outsmart other players' worms to survive the longest. With adrenaline-fueled online leaderboard competitions, Worms Merge pushes your competitive spirit to new heights, creating an engaging and thrilling experience.

The Power of Merge

What sets Worms Merge apart from traditional snake games is the introduction of the "merge" aspect. As you progress, you have the opportunity to merge your worm with others, resulting in a higher level and unlocking legendary skins. Each merge brings your worm closer to becoming bigger and better, adding a strategic element to the game. The evolution simulator aspect of Worms Merge keeps you engaged and constantly striving for improvement.

Smooth Gameplay and Multiple Modes

Worms Merge offers a remarkably smooth gameplay experience, with mobile joystick controls that complement the game's fast pace. The intuitive controls make it easy to navigate through the game and outmaneuver your opponents. Additionally, the game features multiple modes, allowing you to compete with your friends and family in a friendly rivalry. This variety ensures that Worms Merge stays fresh and continues to challenge players of all skill levels.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you're on a bus or waiting in line, Worms Merge ensures that your gaming cravings are always satisfied. With the option to play offline, the game becomes your constant companion, providing entertainment regardless of your internet connectivity. This timeless classic is available at your fingertips, offering endless hours of fun and excitement.

Collectibles and Customization

In the world of Worms Merge, an abundance of coins, gems, power-ups, and bonuses await you. These collectibles add an extra layer of excitement to the game, helping your worm grow faster and stronger. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to customize your worm's appearance with a variety of skins, adding a personal touch to your gaming experience. Worms Merge caters to players of all ages with its vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay.

The Battle for Supremacy

Worms Merge not only focuses on personal growth and achievements but also encourages you to become the mightiest worm of them all. The game offers an epic battle simulator experience, where you engage in a classic survival-of-the-fittest game with a twist. The challenge, entertainment, and rewards are all combined, ensuring that Worms Merge keeps you on your toes and provides a thrilling experience.

MOD APK: Increased Rewards - Enhance Your Worms Merge Adventure

Enhance your Worms Merge adventure with the MOD APK version, featuring increased rewards. With this modification, you can enjoy even more coins, gems, power-ups, and bonuses, allowing you to grow your worm faster and achieve higher levels. The increased rewards add an extra layer of excitement and make your journey through Worms Merge even more rewarding.


Embark on a rewarding journey in Worms Merge: idle snake game, where the beloved snake gameplay meets the excitement of synthesis gaming. With its addictive gameplay, smooth controls, multiple game modes, and vibrant graphics, Worms Merge offers countless hours of fun and entertainment. Customize your worm, compete with other players, and strive for the top of the leaderboard. Download Worms Merge now and experience the thrill of merging worms in this captivating game.

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How to Download and Install Worms Merge idle snake game?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.