Love Live! School idol festival v9.7.2 MOD (Auto Perfect) APK

Descriptions :

Love life! School Idol Festival allows players to enjoy and enjoy beautiful music rhythms among Japanese anime music. This is a game that fascinates many people as soon as they see it for the first time. The beautiful interface of the characters combined with gentle melodies reflecting the nature of cherry blossom land has attracted many participants and supporters.


When you come to this exciting game you will admire and discover more than 100 songs of different levels. This game allows you to freely customize and choose the level of play that best suits your skills and level. There are levels here, arranged in order from simple to complex. Discover and experience all the songs included in this game and you will surely enjoy it and feel very loved by Japan. It also gives you a relaxed and happy mind.


Joining the game gives you the opportunity to take part in exciting live shows. From here you can learn more about the stories of various characters. Each character will have their account; If you have the opportunity, you should remember them and befriend them in order to understand more about each other. Plus, you can also take part in some special events that will give you hilarious surprises.


The most outstanding feature in this game is a beautiful cast of anime characters. Every girl has her own amazing body and beautiful face. Hence, players are incredibly excited to play this game. Also, the costumes of each character are very delicate and artistically designed, which makes them more prominent in everyone's eyes.


You should also team up and work together with other players to learn more together and unlock new stories as you play. Through this you will make friends and meet many players worldwide and build many different relationships. Join your teammates to think and create the most innovative solutions and gameplays. In addition, don't forget to work together with friends to complete the assigned tasks on time.


This is a unique game with bold Japanese anime music. Here you can discover a lot of new things and enjoy a unique entertainment space. Experience it freely with rich dances with friends around you. Also, you can create your music group to improve together. In addition, the group members must help each other and coordinate rhythmically and harmoniously in order to create the perfect music.

Features :

* Joining a group of talented idols, players perform impressive songs to achieve high performances in each song.
* They can choose the song and the corresponding difficulty level to practice and challenge themselves, and gradually their skills will improve.
* The musical notes appear continuously in different amounts and speeds, so you need to use reflexes to touch them correctly.
* The number of songs is varied and divided into levels of difficulty with different achievements that you will try to achieve.
* Stages make the idols' performances more attractive to viewers, and the idols will surely be able to wear their best outfits.

Love Live!School idol festival MOD features:

* Auto Dance (higher difficulty levels can get awesome and perfect) (PG Ver)
* Perfect Match (PL Ver)
* Illegal access detected bypass

How to Download and Install Love Live!School idol festival?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.

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