Deemo v5.0.4 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Deemo v5.0.4 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Rayark International Limited

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Descriptions :

DEEMO - Music is something that makes people feel good and is one of the factors that make the world a much better place. Science has proven that music also makes plants and animals grow much stronger. Hence, it is applied to many things affecting human life as entertainment. People listen to music, make music-themed movies, and even games have the use of music as their primary factor. If you've ever looked into a game that uses the world's most popular mainstream music, chances are you've heard of Piano Title. If you have a deeper interest, Cytus is one of the top rated options in the game. So when these two products work together to create a new product that plays the role of gameplay graphics and story depth of both, we will have a game called DEEMO. deemo-mod-fully unlocked

A world famous music rhythm game.

DEEMO is a successful product from producer Rayark International Limited - who also created the famous Cytus series around the world. This time the player is brought to a completely different but familiar feeling. Despite this, the old graphics are "blamed" along with the gameplay, is tough, but still passionate. Also, it will be a moving story like an anime set that will be released thanks to music on the run when the player wins the game, as well as the player who wins the fate and writes his own story. deemo-mod-full-unlocked-1 You play as Deemo, a strange man who always lives in loneliness and sadness. This person lurks in an isolated castle from the human world and doesn't care about anything in the world. As time goes by, you grow old as a normal person and die without anyone knowing. But one day a strange event happened that upset the whole world of Deemo. A mysterious little girl who falls from the sky can't determine who she is or where she's from. Deemo had to help the girl back into her world by playing the piano so a miracle tree could grow into the blue sky forever. Is a person isolated from society and has never been friends with someone who has experienced this problematic adventure? And then when she returns home, what does she have to deal with, the past she has experienced or the mystery that lies behind her is being pressed down from heaven. Everything is explained in the game.

game guide

If you have played Piano Title before, you can immediately understand how the game works. Players have to participate in a game where the consecutive notes fall from above. Difficulties arise because these notes are not limited to four straight lines, as in the piano title, which appears messy on the screen, and the player quickly touches the next musical key. The song goes on. If you make a mistake while skipping, the song will definitely stop and the player will lose. deemo-mod-full-unlocked-1-1-1 Over 60 songs are available for free in story mode, but players must reach certain levels to unlock them. Only in story mode and overall gameplay you can deliver up to 220 songs of various genres, even many famous composers. Even if you play alone to play successfully and get extremely high scores, you can share the game on popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

New properties

In the latest update, players will get 3 new free songs for their collection. Also, the game just bought a paid song AD: PIANO Collection 2 / Team Grimoire Collection / Vocal Selections. In addition to the graphics and smoothness of the game, the player should be offered a new and smoother experience.

Features :

* Play the role of a little girl who has lost her memory and only cares about the keys. With piano songs, a part of the memory gradually comes back
* Unexpected encounter with the bizarre mannequin, a mysterious figure. While receiving help from him, he had to beware of the question, "Is he the right one?"
* Move and touch the music note to complete the song. If you miss a note, you miss it and have to play the song again
* More than 60 classic piano songs with gradually changing levels of difficulty to suit the player's skill level
* Offline game, anime style graphics and no violence. Everyone's game is suitable, including children

DEEMO MOD features:

All unlocked

Last words

By bringing a whole artistic heaven into a simple game, DEEMO has achieved a lot of success. The game was nominated for "Best of 2013" and won the "Best Music Game" award from the editors in Taiwan. Above all, it is the positive feedback from players around the world. As of 2014, the game has over 7 million downloads and is a music title leader. It can be said not only now but also later when we talk about top class music game, it will surely remember the DEEMO.

Maybe I shouldn't ask if you want to download the game or not? If you are a real music lover, you will be immediately fascinated by this game. Feel the touching stories through the melodies of DEEMO!

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