My Talking Angela v6.8.2.5242 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

My Talking Angela v6.8.2.5242 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Outfit7 Limited

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My Talking Angela - In the game you control Angela, this is a little cat, you have to watch her, dress her according to your choice, do hair and decorate the house. Also, you can feed different dishes to make it grow and grow. In the game a lot of things, beautify all the elements to your taste.

Do you want to raise a pet, play with them, build memories, take responsibility for feeding, bathing and dressing them and most of all want to be part of an amazing and beautiful journey of watching your pet grow? Then you must download the My Talking Angela Mod Apk because the game offers you all this and has high quality graphics that make the gameplay almost lifelike and interesting. Tackle common pet troubles and learn what it takes to actually have a pet completely free.

There is no confusion in the fact that My Talking Angela is a gaming app and one of the most popular Android games that allows you to take part in your pet kitten's journey from birth to adulthood, taking on all the necessary responsibilities and handling with your pet's usual tantrums. You can make sure your pet is woken up, bathed and fed on time, and with the top-notch graphics, for once, you don't feel like you're playing with a virtual character in the game. Since it's available absolutely free, there's nothing more you could ask from the game.

Virtual Pet & Best Friend
My Talking Angela was born for cat lovers. There have been good comments from many people, many genders, regardless of age, and most of them feel satisfied. That's enough to prove the popularity of this cat. Also, it's fun to chat and befriend a cute cat. You don't have to worry because cat dander can make you sick. Anyone who has been allergic to cat hair in the past, but still wants to get in touch, is in the right place with My Talking Angela.

Players can take care of Angela in their free time without spending too much energy and time. You only have to bathe Angela for a few seconds, if you forget to do that your cat's fur will be spotted a few days later. It bothers you and the cat. So take care of it regularly, the players will not need much time for it. After a while Angela will be hungry and need to find food. Will you help her dear cat? Let the cat eat delicious food so that it can grow and become a healthy cat day by day. By participating in the game you will have many interesting things to discover and decorating the house for the cat is one of them. The longer the player participates, the faster the cat grows in the level. Each level has unexpected gifts for the players to pique their curiosity. Because the higher you go, the more decoration and amenities you will get in Angela's house. After changing the color of the walls, floor tiles or light bulbs in the living room, bedroom and bathroom, you can switch all the time to look for a fresh new home.

A great thing for those who are and will experience My Talking Angela game is that you can collect makeup like eyeshadow, makeup cream or lipstick to make your cat girl so stylish. Players can also go shopping to add beautiful clothes and dresses. The game also brings players into the fashion world when it comes to coordinating clothes, shoes and jewelry to make Angela perfect. The catgirl can also change her trendy hairstyle and sparkling makeup to please herself. Next, the player takes Angela to the dance studio, where Angela can take dance classes suitable for fun music or compete with many other cats. Make your Angela beautiful and flexible with modern dance moves that will make kittens admire and adore her. Players can also befriend other players to compete. Become an excellent player as you take Angela to the top of fame, which contributes to experience points or the money you earn.

There are also countless puzzles or interesting mini-games to stimulate your spirit of conquest. Of course, after winning these games you will win countless attractive prizes for your cat. It could be Angela's jewelry, house decorations and clothes. If there are too many and you want to talk, go to friends to help or trade them for the items you want to own.

Regarding the interface of this game, it has become much more beautiful than previous updates. The color of the game is also very refreshing, which stimulates the player's imagination. Outfit7 Limited is a producer who developed this game. They also have many products along with themes published on Google Play. It seems that these games all work in the same way, but My Talking Angela's own game has created a good feeling in the hearts of the fans because many functions are thoroughly exploited. Also when it comes to cat and girl entertainment activities, Angela is very focused.

* For everyone who thinks that the game is all about taking responsibility for a pet, you are not wrong, as the creators have introduced the concept of mini-games into the main games that the player can play to gain valuable ones Earn coins that can be used to buy items from the store. Each mini-game is unique and addicting. The best part is that the mini-games are constantly updated, so you'll have something new to play every time.
* For anyone wondering what actually makes the Android games a hit or flop and the answer lies in the game's UI, which simply means how easy anyone can access the game and its controls. The makers took care to actually design a user interface that can be understood by anyone, regardless of technical knowledge, that will allow everyone to enjoy the game and eventually make it an overnight sensation in the Android gaming community do.
* The biggest concern among game developers nowadays is that the player will not stick with the game and eventually get bored with the gameplay because of the repetition and continuous use. The creators didn't want to let the game fall into that category by designing around 200 game levels that the player can unlock as the game progresses by collecting enough XP. The game has enough fresh content to keep you engaged.
* Whenever we talk about a gaming app that actually puts you in charge of your pet, an important question arises in the form of the options available in the game. The creators made sure that the game has everything a pet owner could need. From the customizable living room, to the well-designed bathroom, to the various delicious foods from around the world, the best fashion clothes, and even the ability to talk to your pet and apply makeup. The game leaves nothing when it comes to caring for your pet.
* The graphics of the game are kept in such a way that the player does not feel like playing a virtual game. In fact, the graphics are very responsive as the player has the opportunity to actually pet your pet and even make him feel loved. To make the gameplay even more interesting, the creators introduced the concept of albums, where every time the player completes a game level, he unlocks certain photos that need to be collected on an album, and for each completed page, the diamonds can be obtained be earned by the player.

What's more in the Talking Angela Mod Apk?
A game where you actually own a pet and are responsible for its well-being can be made cuter and more fun with the benefit that the mod apk offers in the form of an unlimited amount of money. With this you can buy endless potions in the shop without worry. You can even buy the best clothes and accessories right at the start of the game and dress Angela to your style without worrying about the price. This will help you become the best player faster and make the mod apk a fan favorite option.

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