Raising Tenma Idle v6.7 MOD (Currency, Loot Multiplier) APK

Descriptions :

Raising Tenma Idle RPG - Mod APK (Currency, Loot Multiplier)


Saddle up for an epic incremental RPG adventure with Raising Tenma Idle RPG! This unique game lets you raise and train a heavenly horse from a foal to a legendary mount worthy of the gods. With expansive skill trees, equipment crafting, and idle gameplay, Raising Tenma Idle RPG delivers a fresh take on cultivation games.

Heavenly Horse Companion:

The heart of Raising Tenma Idle RPG is your bond with Cheonma, an enchanted horse with divine blood. Watch your foal grow from a gangly newborn to a majestic warhorse as you train and upgrade it over time. Customize your horse's gear, colors, and stats to complement your playstyle. Lead Cheonma into battle and fight alongside your mount, combining skills for devastating attacks. The more you adventure together, the stronger your heavenly horse becomes.

RPG Progression Systems:

Raising Tenma Idle RPG utilizes satisfying RPG systems to let you tailor your own unique hero. Unlock various schools of martial arts and cultivate them to gain active skills. Allocate stat points each level to specialize as a fighter, mage, or hybrid. Craft powerful gear and legendary weapons to boost your capabilities. Combining Cheonma's talents with your developed character makes you an unstoppable duo against any foe.

Idle Gameplay:

One of the coolest parts of Raising Tenma Idle RPG is its idle gameplay aspects. Even when not actively playing, Cheonma trains on its own to slowly increase in strength over time. Simply check in daily to raise your horse's levels and collect rewards. Take on passive quests and battles that progress offline. The idle mechanics let you grow stronger with minimal effort. Cheonma never stops cultivating!

Stunning Anime Visuals:

Raising Tenma Idle RPG really stands out with its beautiful anime-inspired graphics. Crisp character art, fluid battle animations, and vivid environmental scenes bring the fantasy world to life. Watch your horse fluidly gallop across open plains under a sunset or elegantly trot through sakura groves. You'll be captivated by the stunning visual style combined with cinematic camerawork. Treat your eyes while playing!

Epic Boss Battles:

Take on colossal dungeon bosses and mythical beasts in larger-than-life battles! Bosses pose unique mechanics challenges that test your skills. Unleash perfectly timed bursts before dodging devastating area attacks. Exploit weaknesses while surviving barriers. The white-knuckle multi-stage boss fights provide great replay value. Treasure the hard-won loot after you emerge victorious!

Intuitive Controls:

Despite its depth, Raising Tenma Idle RPG utilizes intuitive touch controls that make accessing its content seamless. Navigate menus and tap to move or interact. Time active skills and combos through simple taps and swipes during combat. The interface allows you to focus on the action instead of fumbling with controls. Everything is designed for easy mobile play, whether idling or actively adventuring with Cheonma.

Mod APK - Enhanced Gaming Experience:

To further enhance your gaming experience, Raising Tenma Idle RPG offers a modded APK version. With this mod, you gain access to additional features such as increased currency and loot multipliers. Maximize your resources and rewards to progress even faster in the game. The modded APK adds an extra layer of excitement and convenience to your journey with Cheonma.


If you seek a fresh take on idle cultivation RPGs, look no further than Raising Tenma Idle RPG. The charming experience of raising your heavenly horse from a foal to a legend awaits you. With Cheonma by your side, you'll ascend to mythical power. The stunning visuals, epic boss battles, and intuitive controls make this game a must-play. And with the modded APK version, you can enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with increased currency and loot multipliers. So, saddle up and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Raising Tenma Idle RPG!

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How to Download and Install Raising Tenma Idle?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.