My Talking Angela 2 v2.1.0.20086 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

My Talking Angela 2 v2.1.0.20086 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Casual , Games

Developer :
Outfit7 Limited

4.6/5 - (35 votes)


From the creators of the famous My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom and many other great titles from the series comes My Talking Angela 2, the latest installment in the franchise. That's right, Angela got herself a whole new game with upgrades. Additional content and many exciting games with refreshing experiences for you to enjoy.

Enjoy joining Angela and many of her friends from the series in an all new adventure. Explore and enjoy the classic casual pet simulation elements in My Talking Angela 2 while discovering new content from the game. Unlock many interesting in-game props that allow for unique in-game interactions.

Find out more about this amazing Outfit7 Limited mobile title and all its intriguing features with our comprehensive reviews.

Here in My Talking Angela 2, Android gamers have a chance to enjoy the casual pet simulation gameplay that made many of its previous titles famous. Featuring the simple yet extremely entertaining gameplay where players are allowed to have their own virtual pet. My Talking Angela 2 lets you freely control and interact with your virtual Angela the cat.

Enjoy unique interactions with them simply by performing your classic petting actions. Or explore her feisty qualities as you try to tease and tease her. Try to interact with your virtual pet as you would a normal pet. From stroking, feeding, introducing your cat to the bathroom, to playing and dressing it however you like.

Gameplay with a lot of excitement
My Talking Angela 2 is a Casual game by Outfit7 Limited. With this game it has to be said that the studio has really risen to a new level because the gameplay combines virtual petting, fashion, cooking, music and arcade games too well. There is almost no border between a virtual animal and a life simulation game. You will find that the life of the main character Angela, the cat in this game, becomes more vivid and colorful than ever.

A must-have in any girl's game collection
For my daughter's 5th birthday, I was determined to create a games folder on the iPad and then put the whole iPad in a big gift box for her. There was a message "Remember to play together". Surely everyone in that top secret folder is wondering: What games have I downloaded that a 5-year-old can play and is suitable for the entire family to have fun together? One of those many games is the game I want to present today. This is also the hottest virtual pet game of the moment called My Talking Angela 2.

Take care of Angela like a baby
The smallest care has become a cycle of everyday life, such as Eg: waking up, stretching, bathing in the tub, going to the toilet, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and exercising. The most basic happiness of the player playing this virtual pet game is to see how the cute creature changes with each interactive activity.

Essential fashion for every girl
The virtual wildlife in My Talking Angela 2 is expanding. This time you can freely dress up and coordinate Angela while walking around, going out, etc. Every occasion on the street or even at home is an opportunity for you to experiment with a variety of new fashion styles. Interestingly, nice clothes make Angela happier, much like a person choosing what to wear in real life. Your mood and emotion stats will also rise and fall with each outfit, so dress as appropriately and gracefully as possible. Mix lots of things: pants, skirts, tops, accessories, shoes... and choose the right hairstyle too. Anyone who has artistic blood or girls playing this game is guaranteed to fall in love.

Beautifully made up
After dressing, it is impossible to ignore the makeup stage for Angela's beauty. The cat in this game really wants to be more beautiful. So let's make Angela prettier by helping her to have a beautiful makeup layout, adjust the tone of her outfit and finally choose a suitable real hair.

Angela has an elegant hobby. During the day, she enjoys playing jigsaw puzzles, donut spins and many other fun puzzles in her free time. Thanks to this game, players can practice their reflexes and problem-solving skills by experiencing a variety of interesting games. Play a game and learn more skills at the same time.


* Simple but highly entertaining gameplay
Thanks to the interactive controls and intuitive gameplay, Android gamers will have no trouble getting used to the game right away. In fact, fans of the classic games from the series will find this new game extremely friendly. Interact with your pet in a variety of ways, use the options provided to have more fun with the game and always have the available options at your fingertips. The simple virtual pet simulation game is surprisingly fun.

* Enjoy your new adventure with Angela
And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy many of your adventures with Angela as she is introduced to this all new game. Now your favorite Angela can sing, dance and have fun playing with you thanks to many new interactions from the game. At the same time you also have a new home for your Angela. Feel free to explore the different rooms and enjoy their unique content.

* Explore the city with unique locations to play
At the same time, My Talking Angela 2 also features the unlocked city with many new locations for you to explore. Now it is possible to take your pet cat to many different places and unlock new interactions within the game. Start exploring the dance studio and enjoy dancing with your little angel. Proceed to the candy store so you can reward your little friend with delicious cakes and sweets. You can even enjoy the addicting gameplay of baking and make your pet cat work on delicious cakes. There are several locations in the city that you can explore and enjoy your varied gameplay.

* Interesting mini-games to play
For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the exciting mini-games in My Talking Angela 2, each with its own unique gameplay. Enjoy playing and have fun with one of these games while your beautiful Angela is resting or relaxing. Get multiple mini-games where you will solve puzzles, enjoy the casual gaming experiences, test your reflexes and so on. All of this should allow Android gamers to fully enjoy the fantastic mobile title.

* Have fun dressing and styling your Angela
And to make the game more interesting, in My Talking Angela 2 players can now have fun dressing and styling their beautiful Angela in many ways. Feel free to enjoy the game as you explore the amazing wardrobe to try on multiple outfits and accessories. Discover multiple combinations of clothing and dresses while giving your house cat new looks.

* Feel free to customize your spaces
In addition to the customizable appearances, you can add even more sparkle to your Angela by introducing her to entirely new rooms. Have fun playing with different room configurations where you can decorate them with new items, furniture and accessories. All of this should create a whole new background for your Angela.

* Have fun interacting with your virtual pet
To make the game more enjoyable, My Talking Angela 2 will offer its realistic in-game interactions that will ensure you enjoy the fantastic mobile title to the fullest. Experience real-time changes as Angela's stats slowly decrease. As a result, your house cat will become hungry, need to take a bath, go to the toilet, or want to play with you. Take good care of your virtual girlfriend and find her no different than your real pet.

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