Lost Pages The First Cycle v5.7.7 MOD (Godmode/Always Your Turn) APK

Descriptions :

The Lost Pages Mod APK game stands out from others in its subgenre, thanks in large part to its turn-based deck building system, which offers a novel and refreshing approach to the traditional mechanics of the genre as a whole. Unlike most other card games, in this card game you don't take turns drawing cards at random; Instead, you take turns playing cards, using whatever energy it is your turn to play. This sets it apart from all other card games currently available on the market.


In Lost Pages, instead of drawing cards, the player draws random elements such as fire, water, earth, and air. The unique system allows the player to influence the outcome of the game through strategic and skillful play, reducing the effects of randomness. To get the most out of the "Ether Element" system, the player should build a deck with a limited number of cards. This is because the player's access to Spell Seals scales directly with their Ether Elements collection. Lost Pages has an unusually high concentration of spell sigils, relics, and runes compared to other deck building card games. These features, which change throughout the game, offer different memorable experiences.

Due to the game's constant updates, players rarely completed Lost Pages on the hardest difficulty. Access the most advanced deck building mechanics in the game and compete to be the first to win. This game features a novel deck building mechanic. This place is awesome because it tells the epic story of how the moon was formed. Each playthrough has different levels, enemies and loot. The synergy possibilities of the game are practically limitless, since many different magic sigils, relics and runes are available. In addition, over 20 different "meta" deck tree variants are available to players at any given time. There are 46 difficulty levels and a wide variety of card types to choose from (attack deck, fire deck, wound deck, gold deck, expiration deck, and so on).

Lost Pages is a game with a unique gameplay that offers a whole new type of turn-based deck building system. It's unlike any other card game where you just randomly draw cards and play them each turn by expending energy.

In Lost Pages, the player draws random elements (fire/water/earth/air) instead of normal cards. This unique system significantly reduces the element of luck and allows the player to influence the outcome of the game through strategy and skill. The "Ether Element" system pushes the player to build a compact deck, and based on the amount of Ether Elements, the player can play many more magic sigils.

Lost Pages has an overwhelming number of spell sigils, relics and runes compared to other deck building games. These aspects will evolve as the player progresses, ultimately providing a variety of unforgettable gaming experiences.

Lost Pages is regularly updated, and only a handful of players made it to the end on the hardest difficulty.

Experience the ultimate deck building system and be one of the first players to finish the game!

Features :

* Unique deck building system.
* An epic tale based on the birth of the moon.
* Different maps, monsters and rewards for each run.
* Limitless synergy with hundreds of magic sigils, relics and runes.
* Over 20 different types of "meta" deck trees. (Attack Deck, Fire Deck, Wound Deck, Gold Deck, Run Deck, etc.)
* Up to 46 difficulty modes.

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How to Download and Install Lost Pages The First Cycle?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.