Dr. Panda Town Tales v23.1.68 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Descriptions :

dr Panda Town is a game that has a cute doll world in which players can do anything to explore and satisfy their curiosity. They'll take their time exploring what can happen in a given area, and this title gives them plenty of zones to go through. Thus, each site offers a new experience similar to the real world, with activities that can take place when you ask for them.


the world of dr Panda Town has been expanded and offers players an exciting journey. Notably, a new location has just been added: the Haunted Museum, which entails exciting exploration but still contains some mysterious and frightening elements akin to its name. In addition, in this game, players can do many things freely, like finding ancient areas or finding dinosaurs. Surely this will be a new trip that you cannot miss.

The world in this game is so beautifully designed that anyone who has experienced it will be impressed. It is a world of dolls where players will find characters with cute looks, and one of them is a beastman. How to find cute panda to play with human boys and girls. At the same time, you yourself decide on these activities according to your preferences and implement the ideas that come to your mind.


The experience you get in Dr. Find panda town will be totally free with beautiful graphics. You won't have too much trouble taking control in this game. In particular, this is a world of puppets where you can find complete freedom in the experience when you can control the characters to do as you please. Of course, all game activities are all about human life, like family life, meetings and many other activities.

You can fully touch every element in the game environment and they all have corresponding effects like you can open a gas stove and cook a dish to see the food change color. So you can drag a character from one place to another to do something you want to know. This is why this game has a special appeal because it has many possibilities that can be created. These possibilities arise from places, characters, and objects within them.


An interesting point if you read Dr. Experiencing Panda Town is that you will take the time to explore everything that is available in this environment. An environment has different properties that are similar to the real world. So you'll find a house with different floors, a lakefront with fun activities, and a newly opened Haunted Museum area. You will certainly be able to create the activities you want yourself, and although the character cannot move, some activities can still take place.

You realize that you will find many areas, but it is difficult to drag these characters to a new location. So when you go to a new location, you will find a list of different characters and you can freely drag them to this area. The game will continue as you give them objects and see the results immediately after. Indeed, this is a great world that will help you have great entertainment and relieve stress when you see the characters in the game.

Features :

* The city is yours! Visit the city, the mall or the amusement park Pet World
* Learn along the way. Explore locations and learn at your own pace while interacting with familiar real* world locations
* Play games in the arcade, hatch dragon eggs in a cafe and explore ancient ruins
* Discover dozens of hidden secrets!
* Create your own character and play with unique, diverse characters in the town of Dr. panda
* Customize your character's hair, facial features and more
* Decorate and show off your style!
* Role play through experiences and learning without consequences
* Create role* playing games and stories to play with
* Will you become a crime* fighting cop or the best vet in the world?
* The only limit is your imagination!

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How to Download and Install Dr. Panda Town Tales?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.