Fluvsies A Fluff to Luv v1.0.608 MOD (Unlimited Money + No Ads) APK


Welcome to the sweet and dreamy world of extremely blurry and ultra cute pets! Take care of these little creatures and collect them all! Play Fluvsies - a super cute virtual pet care game for girls and boys!

Instead of spending hours and hours every day improving your characters or gameplay in many demanding mobile titles, Android gamers can quickly enjoy and have fun with the virtual pet simulator gameplay in Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv. Simply pick up any egg to try and hatch your adorable Fluvsies, each with their own unique and equally adorable appearance.


In the game, Android gamers can freely hatch their adorable virtual pets from the available eggs and interact with them to varying degrees. Have your interesting pets available on your pocket devices whenever you want. Have fun playing with them, pet them and take care of all their needs.

Also explore interesting pet evolutions as you combine different Fluvsies and bring new creatures into play. Discover more than 18 different Fluvsies and enjoy the exciting simulation gameplay with many interesting elements. You have access to many interesting mini-games, each of which has its own unique gameplay and interesting in-game elements. Unlock tons of awesome customizations to have on your virtual pets. Customize them freely with brilliant outfits, interesting accessories and more.

Hatching & care
Did you know that these cute, fluffy creatures hatch from surprise eggs? Just put two Fluvsies in a magic blender, get a new egg, and wait for it to hatch. Every little pet is a big surprise!

Collect all pets
There are so many different Fluvsies to collect! Every little pet is unique, but they all love magic, sweets and playing with children's toys! Every boy and girl will find their favorite animal! Collect all virtual pets: from pink cats to little rainbow unicorns!

Fashion salon
Now you can dress up your virtual pets in stylish outfits! Choose from tons of cute clothes and accessories and turn Fluvsies into real pet fashionistas and discover cute face paint designs!

Play & have fun
Take good care of your virtual animals - they are like little children! Feed your pocket animals and entertain them: play with toys, do crafts together and discover mini-games for kids!


* Hatch your own Fluvsies
First of all, players can immediately hatch their beautiful fluvsies with adorable looks and unique looks. Discover more than 18 different Fluvsies and introduce them to your amazing pet house. Have fun playing and interacting with your adorable pets. And also enjoy the special healing and stress relief effects of your virtual pets. Always keep them on your pocket devices, so you can enjoy the game even for a few minutes.

* Collect interesting Fluvsies with the merge mechanic
And for those of you who are interested, you can now collect many interesting and unique Fluvsies in Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv with the merge mechanic. Simply place two of your Fluvsies in the magical fusion machine to add new pets to your collections. After merging, collect the specific egg and wait for it to hatch so you can enjoy your pleasant surprises.

* Interact freely with them whenever you want
Also, you can freely interact with your adorable Fluvsies and have absolute fun with the game. Just feed your adorable pets when they get hungry. Pet her whenever you can to increase her affection. Have fun playing with multiple toys around your pet houses. And experience many unique DIY experiences. Each pet has a unique request icon on its head, making it easy to choose who you want to interact with and what activities you want to enjoy with them. The engaging animations and realistic Fluvsies behavior will surely bring your virtual pets to life.

* A large pet house with multiple locations
Speaking of which, the game also features a large pet house that offers multiple locations for you to interact with. Feel free to explore the interesting rooms and outdoor areas, each with their own unique features and full set of items. Allow your animals to interact with these items and other in-game elements to further enjoy your virtual pet simulation.

* Interesting mini-games for you
And just like Moy 7's famous virtual pet gameplay, Virtual Pet Game, TutoTOONS also offers its interesting mini-games for you to enjoy whenever you are in the game. Here, gamers can freely choose their favorite mini-games and discover the unique experiences with the games.

* Dress up your Fluvsies with unique accessories
Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. Equip your Fluvsies easily with unique accessories and interesting outfits. Try out multiple grooming options to customize their look to your own preferences and fully enjoy the awesome gameplay of Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv.

* Suitable and educational gameplay for kid players
And one thing that parents will surely love is that the game is proven to encourage children's creativity and keep them very entertained as well. Therefore, together with your children, you will enjoy the fun and educational gameplay of Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv. Feel free to let them enjoy the game and discover the elements of role-playing on their own. Enhance your parenting experience with the educational mobile game and help your kids relax.

* Enjoy offline gameplay
To make the game more accessible, TutoTOONS also offers its Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv offline gameplay for all players. Easily access the game without having to connect to the internet and still enjoy many of its features.

* Play for free
And despite all the exciting features and in-game elements, Fluvsies: A Fluff to Luv will allow Android gamers to freely enjoy the mobile title. Just get the free app on Google Play Store and have it installed on your devices without paying anything. However, since this is still a freemium game, there are ads and in-game purchases that you need to unlock.

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