Do Not Disturb 2 Funny Prank v1.0.44 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Do Not Disturb 2 Funny Prank v1.0.44 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Tapps Games

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Don't you hate waiting for that special package to be delivered to your child's play mailbox? And don't you get a little angry when someone who loves pranks puts something else into it? Well, Mr. Grumpy McGrump, the grumpiest pet in a mascot game, knows exactly how it feels!

Yes, Mr. McGrump, your favorite character in a mascot game, is back! But no, he's not happy to see you and your pranks again. If you loved the original cartoon game Do Not Disturb, you'll love Do Not Disturb 2, a brand-new kids game for all ages!

Enjoy a prankster game with brand-new content and play gags with your favorite groundhog - or maybe the only one you know in a cartoon full of minigames.
Mr. McGrump is not a very happy groundhog, even if he lives in a cute game. After all, his name isn't Grumpy by accident. But let's be honest for a second: This isn't just a no-brainer; Do Not Disturb 2 is a real prank game. So the goal here is to have fun with the knock game mechanics and plan your best prank game to annoy Mr. McGrump in many ways.

Use the easy-to-learn tapping game mechanics to tap the mailbox and interact with the scenario to earn coins and unlock new and hilarious reactions in this fun game. You can't get enough of Mr. McGrump, the grumpiest groundhog in an animated game.

In this fantastic fun game you can share Mr. McGrump's most exciting hobby: collecting stamps! Start planning what to do in the next chapter of prankster game to earn surprise stamps as souvenirs after each well-crafted prank game. And one of the best parts of this cute game is that you keep them in your personal stamp collection forever. Can you win every mini-game and get the most valuable collectibles in this cute cartoon game?


* A cartoon game with great graphics.
* Greatly improved animations that increase the joy of playing this laughing game.
* A children's game that is perfect entertainment for all ages (even for adults!).
* A fun game with dozens of funny reactions: you will laugh out loud with everyone around you.
* A guessing game where you can interact with objects and the scenario to discover all the surprises.
• A laugh game so funny it will bring tears to your eyes (as only cute games can).
* A mascot game that features interactive gameplay and lots of mini-games that use tapping game mechanics.

So stop reading and start playing the most charming amidst cute games right now! Do Not Disturb 2 is a laugh game that will bring double joy into your life.
And if you don't know the original Prankster game, try the first Do Not Disturb game too! It's a mascot game full of fun mini-games that you will never forget. Your search for a really fun game is over.

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