Cooking Mama Let’s cook v1.105.0 MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK

Cooking Mama Let’s cook v1.105.0 MOD (Unlimited Coins) APK

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We humans have always been unable to live without food. The kitchen has become an indispensable element and has always been an important part of our society. Delicious food gives us the energy to work. Makes the body grow and get bigger. Cooking a so-called delicious dish is not easy. It is an art of high skill and skill. Download Cooking Mama: Let's Cook! to cook delicious food yourself.

Educational games are now very strong in the mobile gaming market. These games are designed to teach subjects about a problem through a game. Cooking Mama: Let's cook! also created for the same purpose. You will learn simple but delicious cooking techniques. The recipes and the game are carefully explained. With 3D graphics full of sweet colors. You will be immersed in the wonderful flavors. Delicious dishes are cooked and tasted by your own hands. Ask them to use their own cooking techniques and talented hands.

How to play Cooking Mama?
You will become a little daughter of mom and dad. Let's switch roles a little today, the daughter will cook in the kitchen under the guidance of a long-time experienced cook mom. Also, dad is eagerly waiting to enjoy delicious food from his daughter. Under Mom's dedicated guidance, you'll do the simplest things like chopping onions, peeling tubers, washing vegetables, preparing fish, roasting beef...

Don't worry about the recipes, all of which are standard fare for many professional chef dishes. In this game, you can play freely without fear of running out of dishes.

Cooking Mamas Education and Humanity
Cooking Mama: Let's cook! is a very educational game. I've seen a lot of cooking game shows where there are quite a few young people in their early twenties who don't even know how to hold a knife to cut a carrot and can't even tell the difference between a pan and a pot. It cannot be changed because everyone has a choice and every family has their own way of raising their children.

What is the difference between Cooking Mama and other cooking games in terms of features?
Firstly, Cooking Mama is one of the rare cooking games that can realistically simulate every detail of cooking, not just plating and presenting a delicious dish. In the game, there are more than 30 recipes by default, which are regularly and continuously updated. I'm just afraid I don't have time to explore everything.

Next, the game is not just about cooking and cooking. You can also do some household chores, e.g. You can plant trees, raise fish, take care of pets, clean, decorate the kitchen, read books, watch cooking videos or even deliver the best dishes you have prepared to the family restaurant menus.

Graphics and sound
Cooking Mama uses 3D design to create realism for all images and movement in the game. The ingredients and dishes are shapely and very appealing. It's accompanied by other stunning visual effects, like Mom's smiling heart-shaped eyes and ingredients that glow after processing...


* Let's cook!
Cook food by playing fun mini-games. More than 30 kinds of recipes are waiting for you. Do your best, special chef!

* Happy Village!
Serve your food to everyone in your restaurant. Create a big and wonderful restaurant that is all yours.
Harvest many things by going fishing, growing crops in the fields and raising animals on your ranch.
Collect tickets to exchange for Happy Foods!

* GamePlaza!
Play non-cooking games like help out, play the shopkeeper, and train your brain. More than 30 kinds of mini-games are waiting for you. Strive to achieve high scores!

* Challenge Ranking!
Compete for the best results in weekly events! Join the global leaderboard!

* Other ways to have fun
- Decorate the kitchen with different items.
-Make surprise dishes by combining 2 recipes.
- Watch realistic cooking videos for supported recipes.
- Watch an animated video of mom's funny everyday life.

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