Zombie Gunship Survival Action Shooter v1.6.70 MOD (Unlimited Bullets + No Cooling Time) APK + Data


Zombie Gunship Survival Action Shooter - multiplayer action in which you have to fight zombies and fight back, at your disposal is a huge arsenal of weapons, for example: cruise missiles and various calibers of machine guns, which the developers make the most realistic implements shooting a drone.

Survive the apocalypse playing this zombie survival game. Unleash hellfire upon the dead from your gunship seat in the AC 130. In a world where most of the population has been turned into zombies, some survivors are fighting off the zombie attacks from a military base.

Build your defenses in your base as a last resort for survival. Help your ground forces to achieve their objectives from your AC 130 attack helicopter. Your squad's survival against the walking zombies rests on your shoulders. Become a legendary gun collector!


There are many zombie games on the market, so we're always looking forward to a unique and different game, not just a first-person shooter game. Fortunately, Zombie Gunship Survival is one such game. In Zombie Gunship Survival, you are the last line of defense between zombies and the human world. Your task is to kill the zombies before they kill people and get to your military base. You control the weapon system of the AC-130 aircraft and destroy the waves of zombies underground before they reach the safe tunnel where the survivors are hiding. Gather resources from friends you sent to build your own military base. Each time you complete the mission you will receive a reward that can help you with many things such as: B. upgrading weapons, getting equipment bonuses, etc.

Like other zombie games, Zombie Gunship Survival has the most sophisticated weapons with about 30 different types of cannons, rockets, AKM, sniper rifle, … At the beginning you will be equipped with three types of weapons, these are 25mm autocannon, 40mm Automatic pistol and Gatling gun. You can then rely on the bonus you got from completing the zombie killing quest to upgrade your weapon. Depending on the speed and range, the type of zombies, you can choose the most suitable weapon.

Each map has a safe haven, skillfully getting people there before zombies eat them. There are some players who say that the game's maps need to be updated with something new instead of repeating scenes.

Graphics and sound
Zombie Gunship Survival has high quality 3D graphics, realistic picture quality. The whole game is dark with two different modes: zombie BHOT mode is white, person is black, WHOT mode is the opposite. The color of the game is the same as if you use infrared glasses at night to observe everything. You can switch between modes to create the best experience for yourself.


* Supply your troops from the air with a mounted weapon against the dead zombie hordes. Plan your mission before deploying your troops for maximum efficiency
* Play Assault, Demolition, Sniper and Scout. Equip and upgrade realistic weapons.
* Military grade infrared night vision with challenging first-person shooter combat scenarios from your gunner's seat.
* Zombies with multiple terrifying abilities threaten the safety of your squad. Hard to kill titan zombs will challenge your shooter skills and pose a risk to zg survival.
* Collect gold and other rewards to build better defenses in your shelter. Upgrade your tower defenses, barricades and weapons to defend your army base against undead attacks in this zombie shooting game.
* Shoot the most zombies in weekly events for legendary rewards!
* Play with a vibrant community. Discuss shooter game strategies with friends.

Zombie Gunship Survival Mod Apk
It is the modified version of the original game application (Zombie Gunship Survival) with all unlimited and unlocked features for free. This modified version gives you all the features that are locked and require money in the original game. Install this Mod Apk from our website and enjoy the terrible zombie apocalypse without any worries.

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