WorldCraft 3D Block Craft v3.8.7 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

WorldCraft Premium: Mine & Craft - building simulator that allows players to show all their imagination and ingenuity to build unique architectural structures. The game is made in pixel style Minecraft. The creation of original designs is done on separate cards, which you can then save and then run further.

Each card is protected with a password that does not allow others to come in and destroy the user's creations. On the other hand, a password that you can share with your friends - they can make changes and add new elements to the construction. You can play in single player mode and in multiplayer mode. If in the first case you need to do everything, in the second you should gather the team and work together to build entire cities.

Communication takes place in the game chat, where everyone can offer their construction ideas. Also have the ability to play and ready locations. It is necessary to search for various items, escape from the pursuit of the evil mobs and just explore the map. WorldCraft Premium: Mine & Craft - an extraordinary project that will appeal to fans of Minecraft and urban simulation.


Build a dreamlike 3D mini world alone or with many other real players. Upload the map from single player to the online server. Password protect your map to only play with friends, or upload it as read-only so others can't edit your mini world. Here you will find thousands of maps created by others. Find new cool ideas to build your own awesome cube creations like cities, villages, etc. Create and share without limits for your creativity!


Start exploring huge cube worlds, mine resources, block craft items and build a shelter to hide from monsters at night. Improve your rafting skills by using different recipes. Interact with friendly mobs, grow crops, build exciting farm.


Develop your creative skills in single player mode. Here you will find 10+ predefined maps to start building my mini world. Build anything you want.

Features :

* Global creative online multiplayer games: create and chat with real players
* Thousands of fun mini worlds created by real players online for easy exploration
* Infinite survival server in single player mode
* Completely free
* Tons of recipes to craft food, blocks, items, armor and more
* Various animals to interact with
* Tame Wolf/Ocelot
* Wide range of weapons: bow with arrows, tnt
* Riding
* Fight to protect yourself from mobs in Survival
* Over 300 themed skins for every taste
* Password protected parental controls
* 10+ predefined cards to start crafting and building
* 3D HD graphics, 4+ block texture packs, cute sounds

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