US Conflict Tank Battles v1.16.143 MOD (Unlocked) APK


US Conflict is known as a real-time strategy game. You have the opportunity to set foot in World War II when Germany invades the United States. Here you can experience more than 28 different missions along with many attractive multiplayer modes from all over the world. Therefore, this game supports a variety of languages ​​suitable for all countries. As if that weren't enough, we'll also provide you with the perfect loot and power-up weapons to become the trump card.


Here in US Conflict, Android gamers have the opportunity to enjoy fictional real-time strategy gameplay set in the World War II era. But instead of the US joining the Allies in invading Germany, US Conflict will take a completely different approach, with Nazi Germany attacking the US in their homeland. This gives Android gamers a whole new experience on their mobile devices.

If you just got used to this game, you still have a lot of surprises and unexpected troubles ahead. Do not worry; When players come to our latest version, they will come across a very detailed tutorial feature that has been dramatically improved. That's not all, here you can also meet an attractive campaign 3 that promises many exciting experiences waiting for you.

In addition to the newly released campaign, US Conflict has another campaign board. Here you will get 28+ missions scattered across the battlefield. This requires your imagination combined with your intelligence to come up with the perfect strategy. Not only that, but the experience can also become a good assistant to immerse yourself in these intense battles to the end. Non-stop challenges invite you to come and conquer it now.

It has never been easier to communicate with and challenge heroes from all over the world. You can participate in the co-op game mode with up to 4 players, and these people will be chosen by the players themselves and given the challenge. They can come from different countries like USA, UK, France, even Romania and Czechoslovakia and also take part in the fight for territory and position on this battlefield.

As if that weren't enough, US Conflict can help players upgrade units and power for nations. Here you can use more than 20 types of infantry and air force units to fight. In addition, we have added different types of vehicles that can help you. It can be a tank that takes players through all terrains, or it can be a truck that transports various weapons and manpower. There is also a command vehicle for high-ranking people and a static weapon to attack the enemy directly.


* Interactive RTS gameplay with top-down view and simple touch controls
First off, US Conflict allows Android gamers to quickly immerse themselves in the interactive and fun gameplay of RTS thanks to the intuitive top-down view and simple touch controls. This allows you to conveniently navigate the map using the drag actions on the touchscreen. Use the comprehensive view to see everything that's happening on the map, along with useful touch controls that allow you to make quick decisions during intense RTS matches. Not to mention that the intuitive mini-map allows all Android gamers to always be engaged on the map.

* Two interesting campaigns for your fun
For those of you interested in exploring the different story arcs in US Conflict, you can take on the game's two separate campaigns, each offering a number of interesting missions for you to complete. Feel free to play the game on both sides and enjoy their separate stories that will make you even more excited about the game. And always enjoy the unique missions with interesting objectives and different challenges that you can experience.

* Enjoy the epic multiplayer challenges
Here in US Conflict, Android gamers can also try the epic multiplayer gameplay that allows them to play the amazing mobile title with other players or the intelligent AI. Feel free to team up in epic 4 player co-op multiplayer as you team up to defeat the powerful enemies. Or compete in the epic custom battles featuring different players from different mobile platforms including iOS and Android. Feel free to multiply your fun in US Conflict whenever you want and make the most of the in-game experiences.

* Various factions to choose from
To make the game more enjoyable, US Conflict offers its different in-game factions for Android players to freely choose from. Here you can join the epic battles of USA, UK, France, Russia, Japan, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Czechoslovakia. Enjoy the addictive gameplay with different units and upgrades that allow you to fully engage in the RTS battles. Explore their unique powers and traits to learn more about your armies and those of your enemies. Come up with the best strategies to win the game with your specific nations and make the most of the game experiences.

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