Traffic Racer Pro Car Racing v2.1.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Traffic Racer Pro Extreme car driving tour. Race - Classic racing game with endless races, excellent graphics and a large fleet of vehicles. The user will be able to drive a variety of long highways in modern sports cars and hypercars. In order to set the maximum score, it is necessary to develop more speed, overtake other road users and switch to the oncoming lane. Drive in third-person perspective and camera view of the designed vehicle interiors.


The exciting race can begin. Sit in the driver's seat, buckle up, race at full speed and enjoy the endless fun that Traffic Racer Pro brings. This is an extremely popular racing game that is a major milestone in the endless arcade racing genre. Now you can drive your favorite sports cars and speed fast on this realistic racing track. Are you bored of previous third-person racing games? Then you are exactly right with us; Now you can sit in the cockpit and drive your car in the realistic and world-spanning environment with endless traffic road. You can choose the location and time of the route, like the weather, day or night, or even the driving location itself.


Try to run as fast as possible. Your task is to defeat the opponent; The faster you run, the more bonuses you get. If you run over 100 km/h you can overtake other cars to get bonus points and awards. Traffic Racer Pro show your amazing driving skills. Run fast but try to avoid collisions as much as possible. You can create explosions and complete the game. In the car cockpit you are the master of the game. Then, to control your car, you can tilt your device or touch the dashboard to dodge. This game also assists you in touching the gas button to speed up and touching the brake button to slow down. Use these manipulations with your skills to get as many rewards as possible.


Featuring stunning 3D graphics and a realistic cockpit atmosphere. Traffic Racer Pro gives you the experience of driving a real car. The game is easy to play for all players, no matter they have been playing for a long time or just playing - smooth and fast driving speed. The multiplayer modes are endless, and no matter what mode you choose to play in, you will be satisfied and refreshed with the superiority compared to other games this game has to offer. More than 40 different cars are waiting for you to pick them up. Drive at full speed to earn rewards and unlock cars. Warehouse with unique models to choose from. Not only that, you can also decorate your car according to your own personality. There are many paint colors, wheels and canopies to create your own unique cars in your own style. Traffic Racer Pro – Extreme driving tour. Race Now you have found the most amazing racing game ever. Experience Traffic Racer Pro now to enjoy the most realistic racing experience. Prove yourself through tough streets. From there you will find endless fun and refreshment from this entertaining game.

Features :

* Stunning 3D graphics.
* Smooth and realistic vehicle handling.
* Extreme car driving in freeway traffic.
* Easy to learn and ride.
* 3D realistic car interiors.
* Endless game mode.
* Various locations and cars to choose from.
* Realistic car controls.
* Over 40 different cars to choose from.
* Advanced vehicle customization through livery, decals, wheels, etc.

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