Top War Battle Game v1.327.1 MOD (full version) APK

Top War Battle Game v1.327.1 MOD (full version) APK

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Developer :
Topwar Studio

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Descriptions :

Top War: Battle Game - an exciting, cute and quite unusual strategy in which players lead the troops and engage in the mechanics of merging identical units. To end up with a cooler variant of an infantryman or armored vehicle. The project is constantly updated and growing. So the participants simply have no time for boredom. You always have tasks and tests, the opportunity to hold competitions with other players, try your luck at capturing particularly valuable resources, and so on. This and more makes entertainment a very, very popular choice among gamers.

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In order to become a commander, you must choose an area in which to deploy your troops. Here you create your own world military with powerful armed forces. There are 3 armies you can control: Army, Navy and Air Force. The core force in the game is definitely the army that will fight on land. You must be equipped with weapons such as tanks, armor and rockets. It would help if you also expand your territory on the islands to build army barracks. Next come the marines. You will specialize in sea battles. It would be helpful if you invaded the coasts to give battleships and aircraft carriers a place to dock.

Finally, the Air Force, whose mission is to protect your airspace on the ground and at sea. Weapons that the Air Force possesses are jets, target missiles. Each army has different combat abilities, so you have to use the right army to crush the enemy. The essential element in this strategy game is that the player must be smart to make claims against the enemy so effectively.

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Top War offers players battles of different nature. In base wars and world wars, players can prove their military might. In the battle at the bases among themselves, the players must calculate the enemy forces reasonably and whether their forces have a high difference. Consider the situation of your forces to calculate where you can expand the range where space is reasonable. You have to expand the barracks on the mainland and then attack the enemy bases to invade this land.

As for World War, players need to spend more time marching. But in return, the resources you receive will be enormous. Every time you gain an advantage in battles, your prey is the enemy's resource. The more you collect, the stronger your army will become.

Not only are there battles between armies, but players can also experience boss or monster battles. However, this requires you to move to remote locations and take a lot of time to find them. If you like moving faster, you can trade the number of diamonds you earn to buy yourself a tool that supports fast movement.

You also need to join alliances to have a solid base in battle. Top War puts you in an alliance to help each other in battle. Start doing your own quests and you'll also get gifts when you hear your alliance has won. Every time the alliances fight each other you have to knock down the main tower of the opposing alliance. At the same time, protect his alliance headquarters from collapsing.

Features :

Top War is an innovative strategy game with merge-to-upgrade gameplay, no more long upgrade waits, just merge two and the upgrade will be completed instantly! Recruit legendary heroes to lead the deployed land, sea and air forces to victory! Upgrade heroes and troops with unique skills and gear to make all three armies immortal!

Start on a barren, deserted island and build an idyllic base to train your armies, increase your might, and liberate the land. Strength doesn't just come from troops, and that's a good thing! Create a stylish yet impressive island with a variety of buildings and decorations at your disposal. Come and show your unique style!

Battle online with players from all over the world in a variety of game modes such as: Server v Server Wars, Dark Forces, War Robots and weekly Capital Throne Showdowns while experiencing the real battles with your alliance. Fight for glory, free the oppressed and dominate your enemies!

Top War Battle Game MOD features:

Unlimited Money.
Unlimited Gems.
Unlimited Diamonds.
Unlocked Characters.

Last words about Top War Battle

The graphics in Top War Battle Game are actually pretty decent. As a one-size-fits-all strategy-based game, you typically see all aspects from top to bottom. The 2D art style adds a lighthearted theme to the Warzone-like gameplay.
top war battle game apk latest version

Players of different ages can join the game and feel comfortable. Nothing is too unrealistic, but not too real, to take out of immersion.

In the end, everything fits this type of game.

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How to Download and Install Top War Battle?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.