Tiny Rails Train Tycoon v2.10.15 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Tiny Rails Train Tycoon v2.10.15 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Trophy Games - Tiny Rails Train Cargo Simulator

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Descriptions :

Railway always brings many opportunities for many people. If one day you are inherited your Grandpa’s modest single engine train company, what will you do? There is a game which makes that become true. That is Tiny Rails. Tiny Rails will turn you into the boss of the railway company. That is your grandfather’s company. Now, let’s learn how to manage the company.
The opportunity to travel across the world

Tiny Rails is one of the featured games that has been built and offered by Tiny Titan Studios. They are a game developer and publisher based in London, Ontario, Canada established in 2014. The game can run on many platforms such as macOS, Android and Microsoft Windows. Tiny Rails is available on Google Play, App Store and Steam. But with Steam, the player will have to use the small amount of money to install Tiny Rails. The game is just for simple player and can be played offline.

Besides, your train will pass through many different destinations. From beautiful locations to famous landmarks. For example, Statue of Liberty in New York, Abuja National Mosque in Nigeria, Adelaide Arcade in South Australia, Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Libya, Big Ben in the United Kingdom and so on. So you can travel across the world. In addition, the sight around your train is very beautiful. You can also look at mountains with many trees, low hills, a city with high buildings, yellow corn fields or even a night sky that is full of stars. Tiny Rails also allows the player to take photos at the destinations that you have pass through. This is a special feature of the game.

Moreover, graphic is colorful and sound is very vivid. They make the game be more lively. The player can hear the train whistles when the train pulls into a station. The noise of a helicopter is hovering overhead. The sound of the train is running. And cheery soundtrack will always be sound during the game. But you still can turn off sound of the game. Especially, the weather and season system will bring many realistic experiences for you. If you go to somewhere in the winter, there will be snow there. Sometime it will be rain. In addition, if you observe the train moving for a period of time, you can see a full day – night cycle, from the Sun rises to the Moon sinks. In the evening, the train and the buildings are lit by electricity like real life. Let’s explore them.

Start to operate and develop your company

In Tiny Rails, your grandpa’s no longer young. You will join him at his little train company. Your grandpa is going to take a rest. Now you will operate the company. Your main mission is still to make a lot of money. To make money, the players need to carry passengers. The passengers will pay their fares on arrival. In the game, you can also see the passenger list. Thank to it, you will know the destinations of the passengers. You also need to pay attention to what your passengers say on reviews for some hints on making their trips more enjoyable. Let’s click on a user icon to look at information and the reviews. All gold coins that you have earned will be stored in Gold Vault. This Gold Vault can hold so many coins. So collect the gold coins regularly. To collect them, you just need to touch the train’s caboose.

In addition, you also have to develop the company bigger and bigger. Let’s start with the use of the gold coins to upgrade the train. There are 6 elements of the train that you need to upgrade. Those are Speed, Cargo, Weight, Passengers, Cars, Vault. The higher the speed of the train is, the faster the passengers will go to the station. This will satisfy many passengers and also bring a lot of rewards for you. Besides, your train needs more cars and it will have to take many passengers. They are the necessary elements to upgrade the train. Click on a button that has an image of hammer and choose the elements that you want to upgrade for the train. Upgrades will take some time to finish but you can speed them up by paying gems. You can collect the gems in the rewards that the passengers gave you.

The unique, beautiful trains and languages

In Tiny Rails, the player can create the unique and beautiful trains easily. The game has provided 100s of train set combinations for the players. Each combination has their own unique characteristics. Use the gems to get the cool train cars. In your train, food and entertainment cars can generate more gold as we travel. If you have the new car, you need to drag and drop it anywhere between the engine and caboose to add the car to your train. In the Train Editor Section, you can view your car collection and customize your train to suit your own style. Let’s collect the new train cars and make the trains for yourself.

Features :

* Hundreds of train set combinations, each with their own unique characteristics!
* Travel around the world exploring beautiful places and famous landmarks!
* Outfit your train with food, entertainment or comfort cars to increase passenger satisfaction and keep business going!
* Your train runs in the background even when you're not playing!
* Packed with beautiful retro pixel art and relaxing music!

Tiny Rails MOD features:

Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Diamonds

What is the MOD APK version?

Tiny Rails MOD APK is a modified version so you can start the game with more privileges.

Last words about Tiny Rails

Tiny Rails is a simple simulation game. Simple from content to gameplay. However, not to make it less attractive than other simulation games. In addition, you can learn and gain insight into a newer business, the railway industry. The experience is worth it!

And don't forget to download APK version of Tiny Rails MOD to grow your railroad business faster.

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How to Download and Install Tiny Rails?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.