Tiny Island Survival v1.0.5 Mod (Unlimited Gold Coins + love) Apk

Description :
Tiny Island Survival is a minimalistic pixelated and old-school adventure project about survival on the island. Where the main character was not going but got. The place is inhabited and full of mysticism. You need to provide yourself with things of primary importance, to secure a small perimeter, and start exploring the territory, get to know the locals in the field, and also quickly understand that a weapon is simply necessary. Considering that skeletons and other evil spirits roam this piece of land. There is also the extraction of resources, crafting, various decisions and actions, diplomacy, and other factors that do not let the players get bored.
Features :
* Playable in short bursts whenever you have a bit of time to kill
* Encapsulated in a single screen
* Cute, vibrant pixel art
* Simple gameplay with depth for the completist
* Learn the island's secret
* No complicated controls
* Simple but complete with elements to enjoy

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