TheoTown City Simulator v1.10.95a MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

TheoTown is a simulation game where players turn a land without the shadow of the people into a fully developed city. With a full range of resources and environments, players will add many new elements to bring people a comfortable life. At the same time, more people will come, reflecting your country's level of development. In fact, you will find a way to create a city to your liking.


If you're a lover of strategy and construction games, don't miss TheoTown, where you can let your creativity and ideas run free in building a desirable city. You will be able to do whatever you want in the land you are given, and there will be pop requirements that you must meet. So, over time, you will acquire new items and improve the size and growth of your city.

At the beginning of the game, players are given some information about their chosen country. Some of this information is usually related to the size you can choose. In particular, there will be different sizes such as Small, Medium and many others. After completing the selection, you will be taken to an empty piece of land full of environmental elements. You start learning and building the city you want.


When you start TheoTown, your land has no buildings for humans to use, only trees. So you will start adding the elements that you consider necessary and arrange them in a precise and orderly way. You can look at your land in two main modes: when you normally observe and when you build a random item. As you build, your land will be divided into small cells for you to make easier.

The first two items to take care of are electricity and water, two essential things that every resident needs. In particular, you need to build solar batteries and lines to transmit electricity. In addition, you can also add some water tanks and underground pipes to lead to the areas you prepare for human life. You will see the first residents coming to your town after the location has enough resources.


Everyone will notice the amount on the right side of the screen in TheoTown. There will be an amount you are holding and next to it will be the amount of money that will decrease or increase in a given time. In other words, if you build enough items to keep people alive, the amount you get after deducting some maintenance costs will be impressive. Additionally, with the diversity of the city, take the time to find out what residents need.

In the menu bar at the top of the screen you will find buildings from which you can select and build unlocked elements. They will be completely diverse and will help you achieve a fully developed city. Of course, sometimes it takes time to design your city or you don't know what to build next. So in some cases you will receive additional requests from people and you can execute them directly afterwards, e.g. B. building an industrial park, a police station, a fire station and many other important things.

Features :

Enjoy the deep and interesting city simulator gameplay

First of all, in TheoTown, Android players will enjoy deep and interesting city building gameplay with dozens of exciting in-game features. Here you have access to all the simulation features that allow you to expand your entire city and take on many exciting management tasks.

Apart from that, with amazing metropolis you can become the absolute tycoon in the game by using all available options in the game. Build all the buildings you need, get more people to move to your cities to collect better taxes, earn big money and unlock your incredible cities.

Multiple transport options for citizens

In order to support the growth of your city, it is important for players to provide enough transport options for people. Therefore, it is undoubtedly necessary to connect the different buildings, create new itineraries and improve the ones that already exist. This would allow industries and businesses to be linked and allow easy travel for residents.

However, you can start connecting the streets together to create an effective transportation system for the city. And at the same time, invest your money in the railway networks and subways to offer better and more convenient travel options.

Also build airports and ports to allow citizens to travel to many places and allow new residents to move to your city. Feel free to manage your in-game traffic with many options available. At the same time, the realistic traffic simulation and dynamic in-game features allow for much more intuitive gameplay.

Multiple buildings you can build

Once you have laid the groundwork for transport, players in TheoTown can proceed to build their own cities with many buildings available, each with their own unique uses and effects. However, you are free to customize your buildings in different directions with the end goal of collecting as much taxpayer money as possible.

Start building the residential buildings in different zones. And judging by income, you can have different types of citizens in each of their matching houses. Feel free to design and build multiple buildings as you like to make your cities look special and unique.

Create amazing locations and attractions like the famous Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and so on. Have fun building the amazing skyscrapers and create amazing skyline cities with futuristic elements. And most importantly, make sure to equip your cities with suitable businesses and industry contractions to unlock more jobs.

Meet specific needs and provide basic services

And to delve deeper into building options, TheoTown provides detailed building features that allow you to create multiple facilities that can provide specific services to your towns and their residents.

Start providing each house with the various resources like electricity and water by building the nuclear power plants, solar power plants, water tanks, water factories and even the fusion plants.

Protect the people and ensure their safety with a sufficient number of police stations with sufficient coverage of the city. Prepare the fire brigades to be prepared for fire disasters. Also take care of the health of the people with enough hospitals in your cities. And always prepare for the moments of unwanted disasters.

Along with all the available necessities, in TheoTown, players also need to build certain entertainment options for their residents. These include the new stadium for sports events, a beautiful park where people can relax and enjoy nature, schools to improve education and so on.

Make your citizens happy by fulfilling all their needs while earning lots of money every time you collect taxes from the people.

Adjust the in-game speed to suit your preferences

To make the game more interesting, TheoTown players are also allowed to make use of the in-game speed control options, which allow you to effectively change the speed while playing the game. This allows for a faster wait time for your construction to be completed or for certain tasks to be performed. And at the same time, you can return to normal speed or even pause the game for multiple commands

TheoTown MOD features:

Unlimited Diamonds


Make sure you skip the tutorial. Otherwise you can be banned.
Turn off the internet before playing.

Last words

TheoTown has harmonious colors, youthful and modern design, cheerful and energetic sound. Everything is ready! I'm just waiting for you!

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