The Fishercat v4.3.6 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

The Fishercat v4.3.6 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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The Fishercat is a fishing game with delightful graphics that can attract any player from the first experience. Transform into a cat on an island and start your fishing journey with a spear thrower. At the same time, you will also spend time accessing the in-game fishing mechanics and the challenges that the game presents. Also, many different types of fish are waiting for you in the game.

You slip into the role of a cute kitten. While friends of the same age enjoy playing soccer, drinking milk, or lazily curling up on soft beds, you run away from living on a desert island. And the cat's greatest hobby is fishing. It's the perfect excuse to start the game.
The Fishercat is a cat and fish game. Our feline friend loves to eat fish and hunt for the best fish in the sea with his own hands. So he is not afraid to use all his skills and use his own capital to hunt fish under the sea every day. Later, the cat will also be equipped with many unique humanity items such as a space suit, epic long-range weapons, or a gun that can shoot underwater.

To manipulate the fish hunt, just touch the screen to drag it back and forth to hunt the right fish. If you aim accurately, remove your hand from the screen and the cat will instantly catch it.

From the start, our feline friend only has time and nimble hands. With these talented hands, this cat has created many weapons to catch fish. Not to mention that later he will raise money to sell and buy more powerful weapons. The striped cat's fishing weapon is remarkably diverse, such as knives, nets, guns, bows and arrows... Playing will make you feel more specific. In general, this cat must be equipped with so many "weapons", because on this deserted island fishing is no joke.

Players will experience fully accessible fishing gameplay, but with many challenges to overcome in The Fishercat. You don't fish with a fishing rod, but with a javelin to catch the fish that appear in front of you. You have to fish as many fish species as possible in a given time, which will bring you a lot of money after the game ends. It would help if you were also careful with certain types of fish that can be bad for you and your oxygen tank.

In The Fishercat, players experience exciting gameplay, and the element that players need to pay attention to is the oxygen tank. Instead of fishing on your boat, you will swim out to sea in your wetsuit to catch the fish that appear in front of you. At the same time, every second that passes uses up some oxygen to allow your character to breathe and your weapon to function stably. If the oxygen runs out, the game ends there too.

Earning your money is important in The Fishercat because it allows you to have a completely more enjoyable fishing experience. In particular, you will use the money you earn in many ways, such as: B. to upgrade your oxygen tank, so you can stay longer in the sea. As fishing aids, you can buy special baits to attract fish that gather in a single place. You can also use stream to fish these fish and increase the size of the net to collect them.

The fact that you set up fishing aids indirectly helps you approach other fishing spots. After completing a fishing stage, you don't immediately go to the following area, but you will see that location's completion percentage. It is understood that you will have to explore the location many times and fill in this statistic to move to the next location. Every location has its unique fish that you cannot ignore.


* Very simple controls
Drag to aim, then fire a harpoon to catch fish in this shooting game.
* Exciting action
Follow and meet fish that are constantly moving, just like fishing in real life. Go fishermen, go cats!
* Hundreds of rare fish
Go fishing and collect over 150 different species of fish.
* Cool fishing ships and sea
Set sail on an awesome looking ship. Dive into the sea and explore the incredible underwater world.
* Relax on the peaceful island
Relax and enjoy playing with your kitty friends on your island. meow!
* Expand your aquarium
Expand your aquarium with the caught fish and various decorations.
* Nice graphics
You will fall in love with Fishercat's simple yet charming art style!!

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