TerraGenesis Space Settlers v6.35 MOD (Mod Money/Unlock planets) APK

Descriptions :

TerraGenesis - Space Settlers (MOD, Unlimited Money) - Global strategy on a planetary scale in which you will have to deal with the colonization of unexplored planets, following a series of features to keep in mind. And so, this game is based on real research and development by NASA, so you can expect as close as possible to the reality of the model planets and spaces, as well as detailed techniques for developing, studying and gathering information in space. Excellent graphics and a huge range of different options to achieve the goal give TerraGenesis mod apk the originality of the gameplay.


You play as an astronaut and fly into space to explore other new planets. You must continue the mission to create a new environment for humans to live on - to transform a planet from nothing into a modern civilization for mankind. This will be a challenging task and will take a lot of time. But don't give up, for the whole civilization, for the future of mankind, let's find a new home.


When you enter the game you have to make the first choice of which organization you will work for. In the game there are four major space exploration organizations in the world including Daughters Of Gaia, Sons Of Hephaestus, the United Nations Space Agency and finally the Horizon Corporation. Each organization will have a separate field and will support players with many different things. After you have chosen an organization to serve, they will support you with some money so you can build a civilization on a new planet. You must choose a place to build and search for resources in that city to support future development.


Creative Civilization

Unlike other games, only one kingdom or city can be built. For this game, players can build an entire planet full of ecosystems. If you construct a building on a certain planet, residents will immediately live there. Players must change the environment to allow humans to live on this planet. Your civilization will grow enough to affect an entire planet. Once begun, the planet will change both internally and externally over time. Players can observe the right insight changing. Players can also create plants and animals on this planet to diversify the ecosystem. Use 26 different ecosystems and 64 types of species on earth to explore and evolve creatures on your planet.

Explore the universe

Players will discover all the planets in the solar system including Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Fire, Earth, Pluto and even our Earth. There are also fictional planets such as Bacchus, Ragnarok, and Pontus... All are presented in-game for players to explore the planet. All real planetary parameters are the exact ones from NASA.


The game is designed in the style of 3D graphics and offers players a realistic view of the entire planet. Players can feel as if they are watching a scientific documentary about the planets in the universe. The truth the game brings is too great, from graphics to stats to planetary terrain. The main context of the game is the vast universe with the planets in it. The planets have different properties depending on their environment.


The in-game effects are very smooth and honestly polished. This point helped bring vibrancy to attract players. Sound also goes with perfect music and gives the feeling of exploring the universe. Would you like to explore planets in the solar system or other planets in the vast universe? Download "TerraGenesis - Space Settlers" to start new experiences with the planets around us right away.

Features :

* Explore and terraform new planets
* Plan your strategy to build new cities and civilizations on each new world
* TerraGenesis offers a whole universe of planets on which life can be built
* Discover lost worlds and planets, encounter alien life and make peace or conquer them
* Travel the galaxy and discover an endless universe full of opportunities to build new civilizations

TerraGenesis MOD features:

The MOD feature of this game is Unlimited Money. In particular, the money increases as you spend it, instead of decreasing as usual.


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