TerraGenesis Space Settlers v6.15 Mod (Unlimited Money + Unlock Planets) Apk

TerraGenesis Space Settlers - cool simulator development of the new planet of humanity. Developers work on the basis of real scientific facts and studies that have made the game not just an entertaining pastime, but also the opportunity to simulate possible distant future scenarios. Start with a home solar system and search for boundaries to find worlds that are suitable for fast and successful terraforming.
* Join one of four interstellar factions, each with different advantages for building interstellar settlements
* Build whole worlds' step by step by creating pressurized habitats for your settlers to survive in hostile environments
* Terraform your planet to support human life by managing resources specific to each world, including air pressure, oxygen, sea levels and biomass
* Melt ice caps to create planet-wide oceans and fertilize the planet with life
* Track the idle progress of your civilization and the current status of your world with the statistics overview page

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