Subway Surfers v3.25.2 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Subway Surfers v3.25.2 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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SYBO Games

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Subway Surfers -
The legendary and most popular runner on mobile. The game's protagonist Jake used a spray can to paint graffiti on subway cars, but a police officer noticed him, to avoid punishment your only option is to escape along the railroad, use cool skateboards and various amps for this. Run along trains and dodge them with swipe movements. Improve your hero's speed and jumps in Subway Surfers mod apk and customize him with new clothes and equipment.

Subway Surfers is a simple yet addictive running game that offers smooth and satisfying gameplay. In the game, you play as an underground artist running away from the security guard and his dog. Keep running through all the obstacles in front of you and collect valuable loot. Run until you can't run anymore. Collect coins to unlock new content in the game. Play the game with different characters, each with their own running style. Stay away from the guard for as long as possible and set your own records.

A chase on the rails
Unlike other endless games, Subway Surfers has an interesting plot. One day, Jake - a naughty boy - was graffitied on the wagon. However, he is unlucky. The wild inspector spotted him and chased him with a baton in hand. The inspector was not friendly and determined to catch him to teach him a lesson. Since then, the hunt has begun...

Subway Surfers gameplay is not complicated. You have to run non-stop along the train tracks, constantly moving forward, skillfully avoiding obstacles on the rails and oncoming trains. You can control Jake to jump (swipe up), roll (swipe down), and turn left or right (swipe left or right).

Lots of fun characters
Your main goal while playing Subway Surfers is to collect as many coins as possible to unlock the characters. The first character that accompanies you is Jake. You can unlock dino dinosaurs for free immediately after logging into your facebook account, and you will also get extra coins and keys. You cannot unlock some characters with coins, you have to open mysterious chests and then collect special items in a lucky way. For example, to unlock Fresh, you need to spend 50 Radio. Trust me! After unlocking the funny girls and boys, you will feel very happy.

Travel to major cities around the world
Subway Surfers is graphically carefully curated. The design of the game is based on a very beautiful 3D platform, for real. A bright colorful background gives players endless inspiration. In particular, after an update, the entire game of character, hoverboard and landscape will be transformed into a festival in a city around the world. You will be introduced to the culture of many countries with your mobile phone.


* Play the game with different characters
Immerse yourself in the epic running action as you face different challenges. Collect resources and unlock new characters with different skills. Featuring a cast of dozens of different characters, players will have the opportunity to explore subway suffering in completely different configurations. Plus, with new updates being released monthly, you'll always have more characters to play with.

* Collect various boosts to help you in your race
In order to make the races much more exciting and addictive, players are presented with various boosts that would help you to have some advantages during the races. Aside from that, you can collect a paint-powered jetpack to launch your character straight into the sky, fly around at extreme speeds, and dodge all kinds of obstacles. Grab those jumping shoes and perform epic jumps right off the ground. Or get the strong magnet to pull the coins towards you. And there will be many buffs to collect as you run.

* Simple and addictive gameplay
Subway Surfers features simple controls optimized for touchscreen devices, with simplified touch commands and gestures. Therefore, you will comfortably get used to the gameplay. And once you've done that, you'll find it hard to stop getting addicted to the game.

* Customize your characters with different options
In addition, you can also choose between different customization options for your characters. Select the right headwear while trying on various accessories, from Chinese hats to motorcycle helmets. Decide the right costumes that suit your style and hop on the subway.

* Travel to different cities and unlock unique content
With many locations, Subway Surfer gives players plenty of opportunities to explore varied maps of the world's most famous cities. Travel to Paris, London, Tokyo, Dubai and many more. There are many new features for you to experience. Also, players will have a lot of fun with unlockable content.

* Different theme with each update
In addition, with different themes in each update, the game will introduce players to unique gameplay. Collect specific letters while running in the subway to collect enough letters to form specific words. Earn valuable prizes by completing the challenges.

Subway Surfers MOD Features:

Unlimited Money

The two main in-game currencies, Gold Coins and Keys, are provided unlimitedly as soon as you open the game. Buy what you need for your trip.

All Characters Unlocked

Play as any character you like.

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