Subway Surfers Blast v3.24.0 MOD (Moves are not wasted) APK

Subway Surfers Blast v3.24.0 MOD (Moves are not wasted) APK

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SYBO Games

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Descriptions :

In addition, players can also combine more symbols to create special effects provided match-4 creates an orb that destroys all symbols within a line, or match-5 creates an explosion that destroys everything around them. However, each level limits your number of moves, and Subway Surfers Match also imposes a certain number of game hours. You need to be extremely thoughtful and decisive in every step you take if you don't want to be left behind.


In addition to the main goal of completing levels of increasing difficulty, Subway Surfers Match players have another task, which is to draw pictures on the wagons in the city. Do you remember the background of Subway Surfers before he was chased by the cop when the main character tried to paint the train cars with his paint can? In Subway Surfers Match you have to help this guy perfect these drawings.

After completing each level, the player will get some paint pots along with diamonds. Paint pots are the key to great graffiti, while diamonds can be collected to buy important items as well as other special items. By completing as many levels as possible, you will soon complete the picture!

All of the characters that appeared in Subway Surfers will reappear in the game Subway Surfers Match in wildly different roles. Naughty boys and girls like Jake, Fresh or Tricky... who once ran against the police on the tracks will now return as street performers and beautify this city. The appearance of these characters will definitely invoke a familiar, nostalgic feeling for many Subway Surfers fans!

Another interesting thing about Subway Surfers Match is that this game offers players from all over the world the opportunity to make friends and compete against each other. The friends feature allows you to create a group of your friends from which you can see their progress and visit their achievements.

Besides, Subway Surfers Match also knows how to spoil players as there are often events and tasks that require player interaction. This will create a motivation to encourage friendship between them and allow players to get valuable rewards.

Subway Surfers Match has relatively flashy 2D animated graphics. Such a graphic style gives us a certain impression when we interact with this game. Bright graphics aside, the way the character creation or context is truly similar to what was experienced in Subway Surfers brings an indescribably familiar feeling from the memories of this legendary game.

Subway Surfers Match MOD features:

Unlimited Booster

Last words about Subway Surfers Blast

Subway Surfers Match is an extremely rewarding game. Interesting gameplay, brain balance makes it very easy for players to engage in. If you are a lover of games with match 3 gameplay, Subway Surfers Match is really a version that you cannot miss!

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