Spider Trouble v1.3.50 MOD (Unlocked/Free Shopping) APK

Spider Trouble v1.3.50 MOD (Unlocked/Free Shopping) APK

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Developer :
Sapphire Bytes

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Descriptions :

Spider Trouble is unique with the story of a little spider suffering from being chased by a mower. Peaceful life is disturbed by large bushes, which also fall down. Will you successfully get the spider through this stage? Download and let's see what awaits you! The new version has fixed the bugs discovered by players, so this return promises new fun.


You start Spider Trouble with a clear and peaceful day. However, this is only the beginning. You should master the lesson of twisting and swinging through pivot locations to escape because the dangerous vacuum cleaner is approaching. Each round has a different level of difficulty; Let's create a perfect plan for this arduous journey. Though you'll lose the peaceful gaze, don't forget to move with agile silk as you escape the pursuit. Spider Trouble The green expanse of grass blends into the sky; You have successful hunting sessions when most of the bugs are destroyed. Along the way, take a tour of the farm and meet new friends who are other creatures. Do you and she still have the same worries? Share it because chances are you'll get some good suggestions for the next vacuum monster sweep!


Expanding on the well-known space-based story of a garden full of insects from different families, Spider Trouble brings everyone an understanding of nature. In addition, the wonderful experience of being in the air is also very attractive, although it looks simple. Skillful background, in the form of a small spider that connects the grass with silk threads and swings over it. Spider Trouble Fortunately, after you finished the fierce battles with the cutter, you didn't get eaten by him, but you still made it, and the kid ranked at the top of the Spider Trouble leaderboard. Does your current positive development make you happy? Don't worry. Use them to accessorize your spider with more stylish outfits and accessories! You get exactly what you spend.


Spider Trouble simulates the story of escaping the wind and the sharp blades of a lawn mower for a peaceful life as a mischievous spider. Download it and have a hands-on experience; The game is always up to date with new trends and is more interested in the reviews you leave! It would be great to test the feeling of flying in the air with the amount of silk you have.

Features :

* Experience the game with an interesting theme and adventures to new adventures in the world of the poor little spider.
* In this game you will be accompanied by a little spider. In addition, this spider is in an exciting chase and is constantly being attacked by the sharp blade of the lawnmower.
* Show your skills to explore new locations and unique landscapes of the game and perform simple operations to control the grandmother and help the spider.
* The game offers you an excellent space to participate. The player must connect the blades of grass and the silk to swing through the new grass.
* Equip your spider with unique costumes for more battle motivation and a variety of accessories.

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