Snow Storm Superhero v1.2.5 MOD (A lot of banknotes) APK

Snow Storm Superhero v1.2.5 MOD (A lot of banknotes) APK

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Descriptions :

City in snow storm superhero is caught in massive wars and now everyone needs your help. This is a unique action game; the main player is a snow hero who can climb all over town. Your impression in this game is the power you possess; You can freeze the city or stop the missiles and firepower that appear in the city. With such a special ability, you will be the hero of the burning city and the task of protecting the city will always remain.


The city is suffering from deadly attacks, and this attack promises to be the focus of the whole world. Brutal gunfire of super powerful tank battles have started to appear, gradually creating a big fog in the city. The townsfolk look forward to you, a snowman hero who can restore peace. This arrival is worth the wait, and now everyone hopes that you can change the situation.

You are well prepared both mentally and physically to defeat these evil enemies in this performance. The other side has a thorough preparation of weapons and transport, and their purpose is to conquer this city. But alas, because the snowman hero's power protects the city, Snow Storm Superhero will always be with you. The game is slowly approaching the heat of war and you are ready to join the fight.


You have supernatural powers and nobody dares to say that you are an outsider in this fight. You can fight alone with a whole fleet, and what makes it special is that you can climb large buildings. This flexibility, combined with the unique sniper skill, has allowed you to win on several significant fronts. But the growth of the fleet will also overwhelm you, and there are times when you'll be cornered with the same walls.

Nevertheless, Snow Storm Superhero offers you very attractive support functions so that you can react immediately if necessary. Use the ability to move quickly to get to the big houses in the city to observe the current situation. You will also need allied armies to help in this battle and they are the people living around this city.


This cooperative alliance is indeed maintained, and rest assured that the attacks will soon subside. Players should show all their skills in this battle by using lasers to destroy the tanks. It would help if you also used a series of cold looks to disrupt and obstruct these enemies' vision. This war is nearing its climax and you must use all your strength to achieve victory.

They have a special ability that consists in freezing key areas to avoid the bullets that the enemy is attacking. Then, with that perfect freeze, you're sure to win in a unique way. It would help if you also take the opportunity to win upgrade tickets and double your power. By then you will no longer fear this problem and everything seems to be heading towards your big win.

Players can explore the wonders of the city and show off their skills in Snow Storm Superhero. The game has a unique feature and always creates drama for players to experience. The game uses realistic images, amazing graphics and vivid sound to create a unique stimulation. You are the hero of the whole town and you bring absolute peace to the neighborhood where there are honest people.

Features :

* Become a snow hero and take on the task of maintaining order and security in the entire neighborhood and the surrounding provinces.
* Activate your special climbing mode to discover enemies in different blocks and move on missions.
* Use cold eyes and laser beams to defeat large fleets of tanks across the city.
* Use your City Freeze ability to block all enemies from advancing and show them your own hidden powers.
* Enhance a range of inherent skills and unleash great destruction to keep the city in peace.

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How to Download and Install Snow Storm Superhero ?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.