Shadowgun Legends Online FPS v1.2.2 MOD (Unlimited Health/Unlimited Ammo/No Overheat) APK

Descriptions :

MADFINGER Games presents to gamers a new super product - SHADOWGUN LEGENDS - FPS and PvP Multiplayer, a game in the action game series. Stepping into the game, you will be immersed in the mysterious world, where humans do not belong, a new universe - inhabited by a series of aliens. Unfortunately, that sci-fi world is being attacked by them with evil intentions. Therefore, when participating in the game, players are transformed into one of the last heroes fighting to protect this world. In the game, players have the choice between single-player or co-op, multiplayer, which is the opportunity for you to meet and cooperate with other players around the world.


The game provides players with a massive weapon system. SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is considered a generous game with the number of weapons up to 700. Some weapons to mention are pistols, rifles, sniper rifles,... Each gun will have its own functions, suitable for each different enemy object. Therefore, players need to choose the right gun, approach, and attack the aliens. Enemies die, the ongoing melee ceases, and the player gains additional loot from them. Not stopping there, the number of built-in game armor pieces is more than 1000 pieces; you will use paint boxes, skins, stickers ... to design into a single armor set. That armor protects you from enemy bullets and shows the unique personality style of the player. To be able to make their own mark, players need to collect as many pieces of armor as possible.


SHADOWGUN LEGENDS is a famous online game with a first-person perspective that brings the most authentic experience to players. The player is a rookie in the Shadowguns defense line; they are all legendary warriors to humanity. The player's task is to destroy aliens through hundreds of missions that the game has provided on 3 different planets. With such a large number of missions, it will help players fulfill their fighting ambitions, the more difficult it is to play. The higher the level, the greater the number of aliens attacking; they rush towards the player, unlike the original, only one or two more. Not stopping there, the higher their strength and combat energy, the tougher they are. This is the right time to use the loot you have gained from previous victories to hoard. Therefore, please take advantage and concentrate highly to be able to achieve high results right from the first game screen.


The player is a promising young new warrior. You possess extraordinary powers, but perhaps in a tough battle with such a noble mission for humanity, you will need help from your teammates. Therefore, SHADOWGUN LEGENDS has provided players with a co-op mode, multiplayer mode. With this choice of mode, you not only receive help and support thanks to the participation of many other players in the world, but with each different warrior, they always have different tactics, skills, and combat experience. Thanks to that, you can observe and learn from your friends interesting and interesting things about them, making it your own. All missions in the game allow players to use Co-op mode; let's create a legendary action squad of history right away.


Not only support, but players can also challenge many other players on different big and small missions. When challenging, there are many choices; it can be a 1-on-1 battle or between teams playing against each other. The number of team members is up to 4 people. This is your chance to show your limitless power. The favorable time has come; let's put your name in the rankings, become a celebrity in the Shadowgun universe. With intense shooting battles, players have felt stressed with noble tasks; SHADOWGUN LEGENDS gives players an entertainment screen; this is the most extraordinary feature of the game compared to other games of the same genre. Players invite their friends to the areas around Shadowgun, participate in bustling parties, lavish bars, relax together, immerse in passionate glasses of wine, ... Good news for gamers of SHADOWGUN LEGENDS: There will be a big storm coming, the game designs and provides 6 more legendary weapons with divine functions and some new cosmetics, containers;... Added to the Fame system 9 new, more difficult missions, including one that has been revealed as a mission against time in the Module. All will make the players can not help admiring and eagerly waiting.

Features :

Immersive online multiplayer

Bring your friends in an intense co-op available for every mission, dungeon and arena. Join a guild or create your own and play multiplayer games together! Do you feel social? Visit Brno, our Fallout Town, and meet new friends at the Hub or Bar! Highlights of your adventures await you!

Exciting story campaign

Shoot aliens and fight for the survival of humanity in the epic story campaign in hundreds of missions spread across 3 different planets. Each mission is playable in co-op and packed with action-adventure and loot!

PvP multiplayer battles

Compete in PvP multiplayer game modes. Challenge friends in a 1v1 duel to modern battles or join a team in various 4v4 tactical multiplayer games! Climb the competitive leaderboards and reach the top of Legends!

Epic PvE looter shooter with raids and arenas

Team up with friends and shoot down huge bosses together to earn glory and legendary loot. Fight and defeat the alien menace in war game arenas and special dungeons only on your phone! Real hardcore shooting PvE FPS experience!

Over 700 unique super futuristic weapons

Choose from a variety of weapons including pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns, heavy machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and rocket launchers. Choose the right weapon and unleash chaos!

Endless customization options

Collect over 1000 pieces of futuristic armor. Try different paint cans, skins and stickers. Build your own unique looking armor sets! Choose your style - flaunt haloes or horns and have fun!

Top of the modern controller compatible games

Choose between touch controls or an advanced virtual joystick! Our unique FPS control system is recognized by millions of players worldwide. Gamepad support included! Simple controls with auto-fire shooting allow you to focus solely on survival.

Last words

With up to 1GB of install memory, Shadowgun Legends is definitely a graphics superhero you can't get past. With exciting gameplay, exciting RPG features, and multiplayer modes, Shadowgun Legends is sure to be a hot game in the near future.

After all, Shadowgun Legends is being released for free, and for that I have Madfinger Games to thank. Game support for Android and iOS, you can download the game using the links below.


Download Shadowgun Legends Online FPS v1.2.2 MOD (God Mode/Unlimited Ammo/No Overheat) APK Free




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