Pyramid Solitaire Saga v1.5.0.20230214 MOD (Infinite lives/Boosters/Unlock all levels/episodes) APK

Descriptions :

Pyramid Solitaire Saga - Developer Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga!
This fun with the cards is waiting for you and the mysticism is remarkable and difficult tasks.


With the latest version just updated by us, you will get many new features and benefits. Here explorers actively work and welcome the presence of the sun. Join me now to take on many challenges with this brand new Pharaoh. In particular, the appearance of mysterious cards with a mysterious appearance constantly attracts you. As if that weren't enough, you also have the option of owning many vines that look extremely tangled.

Also, players will get more benefits and brand new gifts. Here I mean the additional birth of gold, even a lot of gold. This is definitely something that every player would want to own when they join the Pyramid Solitaire Saga. In addition, we own many levels that are constantly being improved. There are extremely attractive and crazy puzzles on each level. Finally, your ultimate mission is to help Helena and Kingsley in their journey to find all golden scarabs.


Pyramid Solitaire Saga contains magic spells that will immerse you. If the player joins here, he joins Helena. Also, you have the chance to meet more with a close friend named Kingsley. He's an incredibly loyal friend who won't hesitate to help you through the levels. In addition, the brown rats you collect are also the trump cards to get you on the discovery trail more comfortably.

The special cards appear before the player's eyes as the game progresses. They are unique in that they are typical playing cards on the outside, but also carry secrets within them. In other words, catching scarabs offers the player an opportunity to discover clues. One of the things to remember is that a card of a higher or lower rank than your existing deck can match your current deck.

If you can beat other opponents and knock down levels quickly and easily, your reward is enchanted. All hidden things will be revealed to the winner. This is an important password that not everyone can have. An ancient world is waiting for you to conquer all the unexplored things. To do this, players must create the most thoughtful and perfect plan for themselves and avoid all falls.

First of all you start with a simple and most basic quest. It comes from Khepri and Helena. This task seems easy, but without your support, not everything will be successful. In particular, the player must restore the prophecy of the two legendary characters. In addition, Pyramid Solitaire Saga gives you the chance to explore all the forgotten places.

This could be the performance of The Hidden Tomb. Like a ghost movie, the tomb offers players the experience that's worth waiting for. Everything comes at you with the most unexpected and terrifying attitude. That's not all, one of the adventures that will make you fall in love is The Emerald Dream. All contain puzzles that require you to possess solitaire spells to solve them. Players can even get favorite mummy cards.

Features :

* A deck of cards that progresses through clues and strategy to complement the exciting deck.
* The appearance of puzzles with the task of restoring the prophecy of Khepri and Helena.
* Explore the mystery and horror of never-before-seen areas like The Hidden Tomb or The Emerald Dream.
* Overcoming obstacles with the most popular maps like the mummy map will help you uncover more mysteries.
* Make differences in an action thriller to uncover all the hidden mysteries.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga MOD features:

Pyramid Solitaire Saga
* Live forever; being immortal; never die
* Endless Booster
* Open all levels
* All episodes (episodes) are open

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How to Download and Install Pyramid Solitaire Saga?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.