Night of the Full Moon v1.6.13.6 MOD (Mod Money/Unlocked) APK

Night of the Full Moon v1.6.13.6 MOD (Mod Money/Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Giant Network

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Descriptions :

Night of the Full Moon brings a whole new room with content centered around the story of the search for Little Red Riding Hood's lost grandmother. You slip into the role and begin the arduous search journey. The destination this time is the Black Forest, where countless horror stories have taken place. Faced with the challenge of many terrible powers, can you complete this challenge or not? Use your wits and speed to hold the cards and repel their attack.


Players assume the role of Little Red Riding Hood as she searches for her missing grandmother in Night of the Full Moon. From there, other characters will follow your journey. The journey goes to the Black Forest, where people have always told stories but never set foot. The room is dark; The dim lights make you meet and confront wolves, witches, hunters and monsters guarding the forest. By completing the challenges, players will grow closer to their loved ones. However, spooky secrets will also be revealed that will get you into trouble.


The necessary requirements for the player to survive the hard life in Night of the Full Moon are strength cards. The more cards you have, the more chance you have of beating them. Each card represents a hero. The game develops more than 400 different cards with a clear division of characteristics and properties. The cards with a low star count are key for you to complete the challenge in the early rounds. Cards with many stars are for special situations where you cannot resist powerful attacks.

Strategy is an essential key for you to conquer this fun easily. Players must have many different options to deal with the dangers of the Black Forest. Each of your decisions about the card position, the chosen card and its information determines the final result. The main feature of each level is that if you win, you will get an important piece of information and move on.


On the full moon night, your life is associated with darkness and fears. With great tactics, players can easily overcome attacks from many directions. In order to create these beautiful experiences, the system has combined the necessary quality of image, sound and effects. Your actions are recorded and executed quickly, and the cards are arranged and swapped in an order that makes it easy for you to observe. In addition, the formation of a simple interface also helps players to easily interact and find the necessary information. Other incentives related to the game's Bonus and Penalty modes are always in focus so that you can experience this content in the most entertaining way.


Night of the Full Moon with long stories about the spooky land and the journey to find the missing three will bring fun and interest to the players. There are many situations that will test your courage over and over again. As the attacks intensify, many countermeasures will also be put in place to get you in the way soon. It seems that the path to search is not easy; from monsters to witches, wild animals and fearsome hunters will stop you. Defeat them with the magical power of cards and continue your journey to find your loved one!

Features :

* The game is based on a horror story, and the given situation is the search for the missing grandmother of Little Red Riding Hood, the endless battles with the jungle monsters.
* The application of graphics technology helps the game in character creation, creating images with smooth and highly realistic movements. The sound quality is also guaranteed.
* Experience the troubled life of the jungle, understand the basic strategies to survive in dangerous places, and hone your skills for confrontations with monsters, hunters, and fearsome witches.
* The source of power that will help you repel the enemy's attacks is in the cards. These powerful cards seal the most powerful companions, heroes, and warriors.
* Upgrade the card's strength to increase the power; You can read information about the hero in the contents of the map. Also, the reward for each of your journeys can be new maps.

Last words about Night of the Full Moon

Featuring the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood and a completely refreshed and redesigned gameplay, Night of the Full Moon ensures that all Android gamers will enjoy its exciting mobile strategy gameplay. Feel free to immerse yourself in the amazing world of the game and start having fun with the exciting gameplay.

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How to Download and Install Night of the Full Moon?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.