PUBG MOBILE v2.4.0 MOD (Unlimited UC) APK

PUBG MOBILE v2.4.0 MOD (Unlimited UC) APK

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Descriptions :

PUBG MOBILE a multiplayer online action that offers a huge number of all possible analogues. At the same time, the developers of PUBG MOBILE tried to use a number of original solutions, while retaining the basic elements of the more famous colleague. You still have to fight against real players on huge maps while building various fortifications and other structures. But the visual solution PUBG MOBILE differs from originality, and as a result, you have at your disposal several dozen different types of weapons, made in an unusual style, as well as all the elements, rivals and objects, which are also performed in an unusual form.

playing style

In the game, 100 players join the survival war after being dropped on a deserted island where they must collect weapons and equipment in order to destroy other players and avoid being destroyed. There is a safe area that shrinks over time, forcing all survivors to move to a smaller area. The last living person wins.

Original graphics

I was amazed by the graphics of the game. Although the mobile platform is not as powerful as the console or PC, Tencent still equips PUBG Mobile with a beautifully rendered graphics platform that resembles the original. The game begins with an image of an airplane with 100 people playing over a large island. You start skydiving from the plane and choose a landing spot. The game is very fluid, flying in the air gives me a feeling of freedom and peace just before I landed in a real arena.

Every house, every grassy hill, every car, every bridge and every river are designed very carefully to offer a very authentic and interesting experience. Not only that, the smaller details of each character in the game are also noted, you will have a very interesting experience.

Update: PUBG Mobile Lite makes it really easy for low-end, low-battery devices.

The first thing I like about PUBG Mobile is the auto open feature, auto loot items... On a PC you have to press F if you want to open the door to a house or pick up a piece of furniture. You don't have to do anything in PUBG Mobile as the game does it for you.

Moving and shooting in the game is easy with the on-screen virtual navigation buttons. Activities like drinking, jumping, sitting, reloading… are designed with a small virtual button on the screen. You don't have to remember all the shortcuts like you do on your PC!

Driving is also very interesting and not as difficult as the computer version.

other details

Weapons, items and equipment are 100% replicated from the original. Items such as hats, armor and bags are divided into 3 different levels; The higher the level, the more armor and space. Fresh water can heal and speed up...

In all three modes: single player, duo, squads, the speed of the circle of death is much faster than the original. You won't have much time, so don't forget to run to the center of the map if you don't want to die out.

The mobile version also adds a number of new mechanisms, such as B.: climbing the leaderboard, making friends, daily login bonuses, event prizes... with this bonus you can unlock new equipment for your character.

Features :

* Epic battle royale masterpiece
Many events to discover. Climb to the top and shoot at will in PUBG MOBILE. PUBG MOBILE is an original battle royale mobile game and one of the best mobile shooters.

* Extreme battles in 10 minute matches
Prepare your firearms, respond to battle call in PUBG MOBILE and shoot at will.

* Lots of maps and battles
PUBG MOBILE has many maps and game mechanics that bring you an exciting survival experience. Find your friends and play the new modes together! Play how you want and fire how you want!

* Specially made for mobile phones
Featuring customizable controls, training mode and voice chat with friends. Experience the smoothest controls and most realistic firearms on your phone.


When I first played PUBG Mobile I was even surprised because I can't believe this is a mobile game. Highly detailed graphics, live sound and the fun of PUBG make this one of the perfect games.

I only play the iOS version on the iPhone X only 3 hours. But it's ok to play a free real PUBG is also a great thing right? If you are interested in this game, you can download it using the link that APKMody finds at the bottom of this article, including the direct download link for the APK, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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