PUBG MOBILE LITE v0.27.0 MOD (70% Hit bullet/Low damage/x1.5 Speed run) APK

Descriptions :

PUBG MOBILE LITE - one of the most popular action projects on desktop platforms, which migrated to mobile devices with no less success, and the game was called PUBG MOBILE LITE. The mobile version of the game, in turn, retained the main game mechanics of the original, the most characteristic features, but the developers paid significant attention to the optimization and performance of the program. Modern and powerful game engine Unreal Engine 4 allows you to evaluate the latest achievements in the gaming industry.

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BR mode is the most prominent in PUBG MOBILE LITE as it throws 100+ players into giant maps and lets them decide victory or survival. Add to that the random spawning of many things like weapons, vehicles, resources and more that they can use to fight in any situation. The most interesting thing is the variety of environments on the map with swamps, forests, hills and urban battlefields, where everyone can prove their survival in complex wars.

All of the main or side game modes in the game are packed with fun and allow for parties of up to four people to create great opportunities for groups of friends. The rules or content of the modes also change significantly, which affects the combat pace or fighting style of the players compared to the main game modes. However, the fun and atmosphere that these places bring are endless and positive for everyone to have the most vibrant and relaxing time with friends even in the most difficult times.


The random gear element in PUBG MOBILE LITE's BR game mode is the pinnacle of humor but terrifying when there's an imbalance everywhere. This makes people more creative and flexible when using a variety of weapons to survive rather than focusing on a specific playstyle. Also, additional items can be useful to add more realism to the tactical element and make each battle exciting as the map scale shrinks to random areas.


Vehicles that pop up all over the area are also useful, and people can move to more places faster, but it's also more dangerous to make a lot of noise. The game will introduce armored vehicles with greatly enhanced performance, which will speed up the battlefield and scare the enemies. People can also customize vehicles with a variety of unique upgrades to make better use of them as the war draws to a close or to increase everyone's survival time.

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Payload game mode is the new content of PUBG MOBILE LITE with impressive improvements in game quality, speed, weapons, vehicles and more. These things combine to give everyone the most stimulating feelings as they battle all enemies with the same gear. The most compelling thing is that vehicles will reach a higher density than usual, allowing people to crash everything to create endless chaos for entertainment.


Most of the in-game rewards are outstanding costumes with designs of various themes or styles that players can use to customize their characters. This also affects the tactical elements, as they can blend into the environment with the outfit or make themselves a memorable target. Weapon skins are valuable rewards, and players can fight in first-person to admire their inherent beauty when combining many styles.

Features :

Enter the chaotic and dangerous battlefield with friends and become the last stand by using tactics and items.
Various additional game modes to change everyone's excitement and feelings as you fight in new atmospheres and styles alongside BR mode.
Gather everything within reach to survive, or drive vehicles around for better looting results when chance envelops the battlefield.
Authentic and realistic 3D graphics stimulate all senses to take advantage of the environment and fight in different environments.
Earn huge rewards through daily quests or monthly marathons to customize characters or weapon skins for vivid gameplay.


Unlimited money
Unlimited Uc
bypass menu
Bypass V1 (LOGO)
Bypass V2 (LOBBY)
remove storage
bypass island
hack menu
No recoil
Small Crosshair
High damage V1 / V2
loot on the wall
Ally Damage | You can kill a friend's team
X_kill effect
Move esp + target bot
Instant weapon swap
Run speed hack
Yellow Balls
Green Balls
Cyan balls
Rainbow weapon spread
Yellow buttons
Cyan buttons
Green buttons
Shoot through walls
car jump
speed car
night mode
antenna player
Wallhack + remove grass/tree
Black sky
Purple Mist
desert map
For V1~V6
[Skins Menu]
set mummy skin
Set yellow skin
Set all weapon skins

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How to Download and Install PUBG MOBILE LITE?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.