My Cafe Restaurant Game v2024.3.0.5 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

My Cafe Restaurant Game v2024.3.0.5 MOD (Free Shopping) APK

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Melsoft Games Ltd

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My Cafe is a service themed game where players have their cafe and spend time developing it. You'll have a fairly modest café yourself, so it will take some time before you can grow it to an impressive size and serve a wide variety of customers. At the same time, you decide for yourself how much you earn for the desserts or drinks you serve. It will be a great experience.


The game introduces players to a simple yet extremely addictive business tycoon game where you can take control of an entire cafe or restaurant. Grow it from a small family business to a premium restaurant that customers love to visit. Feel free to take your creativity to a whole new level as you are introduced to dozens of different customizations that the game offers. Decorate your restaurant to be both efficient to serve and attractive so customers are more attracted.

And not just like any other tycoon game, with My Café players have the opportunity to participate in the stories of their customers. Experience aspects of everyday life while helping your customers solve their own problems. Tell each other stories and have your own solutions. In addition, you can also meet with other shop owners, both offline and online. Experience their unique stories and have fun doing it.

Restaurant game simulation
The game allows users to own a restaurant or cafe. You can build a restaurant or cafe and fulfill your dreams. To achieve this you can hire staff, train them and also use beautiful decorations. You can also set prices and select items for the cafe menu. You are in full control of how you would run your business in this game.

Cafe Makeover
Are you a design enthusiast? Then you can show off your skills and create the best interior design for your coffee shop. This is a cooking game and there are different interior styles to choose from. You can also position your furniture in unique ways to make the store look beautiful.

Interactive storylines
Meeting people is one of the perks of being a cafe owner. This is something you cannot avoid in My Cafe Restaurant Game. There are different backgrounds for you to navigate in this game. The game also offers different lines of dialogue for interacting with customers.


* Decorate your café to your liking, hire and train staff, decide on café menu items, and even set prices based on your own preferences and requirements.
* Do you have a natural talent for design? Develop your interior design skills! In this cooking sim, you can select from a variety of interior styles, rearrange furniture however you like, and personalize a café to reflect your unique personality by adding things that reflect your personality.
* Develop unique coffee recipes and use them to brighten up everyone's life in your coffee shop with creative coffee drink combinations.
* Use your barista superpowers to prepare unique coffee and tea brews for all your visitors. Complete the tasks of the festival together and lead your city to success!
* Play My Café with friends and meet like-minded coffee lovers to compete with other café owners in a friendly competition.
* Do you like a good show? Romance? In My Café, the decision is entirely yours!
* As a true coffee shop owner, you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and help them find their way through life. This restaurant sim allows you to choose between multiple lines of interaction with customers and see where the story takes you!

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