Mafia Inc Idle Tycoon Game v0.18 Mod (Unlimited Diamonds) Apk

Mafia Inc Idle Tycoon Game - It is the year 2077, the end of the century is approaching, gangsters of all nations are pouring into the city, forming alliances and transforming every street into their own gangster paradise. This city lives outside the law and is far from all countries, it is the criminal kings who make the rules! If you cannot be a part of it, you will soon be its prey. It is time to become a mafia capitalist tycoon, build and develop your own mafia empire, leave your legacy behind.
* Manage insidious deals, collect talented capos to carry out your bids, and break new ground by whatever means necessary.
* Earn loads of money: set up and run casinos, lottery centers, black markets, tattoo parlors, bar clubs, or even a brothel empire!
* Collect Capos: notorious criminals from all over the world with special skills.
* Expand your territory: occupy roads, dominate other mafia clans to build your own mafia empire.
* Idle Cash: You're the boss here - sit back and enjoy when your loyal minions do all the dirty work.
* Become the best criminal kingpin: Be a benevolent boss or a ruthless crime boss and make your own rules.

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