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Descriptions :

Kingdom Two Crowns brings you a micro strategy game designed with minimalism but packed with beautiful pixel art. Embarking on this unique journey, players will take on the role of a righteous king who led the kingdom in the early days of construction. You have to use all your skills to be able to call people back to you. In addition, enemies with evil intentions also exist here to sabotage your plan


With each newly released version, Kingdom Two Crowns always offers you new areas to explore freely. This adventure comes alive with the new Norse land inspired by the Norse Viking culture of 1000 AD. For the uninitiated, this new land is the first premium DLC with a downright bizarre biome.


Not only that, Kingdom Two Crowns offers you even more unique experiences as town houses can now be built from an extraordinary location. Although the Wandering Camps have been destroyed, this place seems to be deserted and nobody will affect it anymore, but with this new version, players can use them from these ruins. In addition, we allow you to recruit more citizens, albeit at a higher cost due to the rough terrain you can work with.


Now disguise yourself as the head of your own kingdom. However, this place has just been discovered by you and construction has started, so many hardships, difficulties and difficult challenges are still waiting for you. In order to continue to develop this place and make it successful, gathering people together plays a crucial role. Use your clear eyes to see who is loyal to the recruitment.


In Kingdom Two Crowns, the opponents are greedy people with no good intentions. They are obvious money thieves who fear no one, even challenging players to catch them for an opportunity to steal your crown. They just wait for player's successful possession then attack and rob so be careful.


Switch to campaign mode to start building an empire in real time. The enemy just died, but the kingdom isn't affected either. Keep it up as long as you can until you find the easiest way to defeat greed. Added to this is the opportunity to explore the new riding environment and the secrets behind the deep forest.


However, not only does Kingdom Two Crowns stand alone within the framework of traditional medieval times, we also give you the land of strangers and also allow players to conquer spoiled players. It is dead land known as the darkest place of this kingdom. You have never entered a scarier world than this one. Not only that, Shogun is an exciting journey when inspired by Japanese culture from feudal times.

Kingdom Two Crowns MOD features:

Free Purchase: Use MOD version to upgrade and build your kingdom for free.

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