IDBS Bus Simulator v7.7 MOD (endless gasoline) APK

IDBS Bus Simulator v7.7 MOD (endless gasoline) APK

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Developer :
IDBS Studio

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Descriptions :

IDBS Bus Simulator (Unlimited Money) - realistic bus management simulator which events unfold in Indonesia. When creating the game, the developers decided to give the players complete freedom of action, you will have the opportunity to start a full-fledged career, at the same time fulfilling various missions, taking passengers to the desired point, and improving the existing transport with money earned or buying a new one. Or you can go on a free journey through the vast gaming world. Excellent graphics and detailed models perfectly complements the overall picture.

General Information

IDBS Bus Simulator is a driving simulation game. In the game, you will play as the driver of a Thai bus. According to the stipulated time, passengers from various countries will be sent to the designated place to complete your driving task.

IDBS Bus Simulator is produced by foreign games, including buses, trucks, police cars, buses, and many other types. And the map in the game includes places in various countries. Many games still support the addition of personalized skins and MODs. So, it is quite fun to play with straightforward gameplay.

IDBS Bus Simulator is a pleasant simulation driving mobile game. We can select various buses. Then, happily driving, customizing different routes, transporting various passengers, completing target tasks, accumulating more money, and unlocking the bus vehicles. With a simple operation, it is exciting to play.

Key Features

The game offers highly restored customs and various terrains. With the mode of first-person driving, you can enjoy the ultimate driving experience. Then, pay attention to driving safety and deal with various stress events in time.

According to the stipulated time, the guests will be sent to the designated place. After completing the mission, you can get monetary rewards that you can use to upgrade your vehicle. There are many types of buses, various sizes, and colors for you to choose what you like. You will have various driving methods of choice, accomplish various goals, and earn money. With heavy traffic, you must avoid traffic accidents, drive carefully, and deliver passengers safely.

With a realistic map of the scene and various events happening, it is unique to deal with it carefully. You will become a bus driver, drive freely on the road, and learn more about culture. Most players appreciate the beautiful scenery, be familiar with the traffic, operate, and drive happily to complete the task. For the diverse missions and challenges, you can earn money to unlock more cool vehicles.

Choose different driving styles and immerse yourself in the real physical performance. There are a variety of buses, exquisite models, and a realistic environment. They are easy driving, good to play, and very hand-feeling. Complete a series of tasks, pick up and drop passengers, make money to upgrade your vehicle, and start your company. IDBS Bus Simulator is a new bus driving game with a realistic environment, realistic simulation, and exciting driving to enjoy the fun. With simple operation and exquisite appearance, you can upgrade vehicles and continue to challenge more tasks.

Overall Assessments

IDBS Bus Simulator is a simulated bus-driving game. Unlike the baby bus teaching game, with the development of the times, users can choose a variety of transportation methods. Public transportation is also one of the most preferred methods of use, especially for developed countries, which not only saves travel costs but also reduces traffic congestion or environmental pollution.

Filmmakers are also very interested in this topic because they make popular movies such as cars. Car-related games have attracted widespread attention from manufacturers such as automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and even buses. It is impossible not to mention the very famous 3D game about IDBS Bus Simulator.

Come download and experience it! In this game, your task is to drive a bus with passengers. When we enter the game, we will see the options. The choices at the top of the screen include home, map, profile, gallery, music, video, and settings. Click “Quick Play” to play quickly. The map will help the player navigate the target and how to move and easily. And the roads on the map will have instructions.

In the game, after selecting the desired location, the play button appears. On the right side are the brake and throttle. If you want to drive or stop, you need to press one of the following two buttons. On the two buttons are low beam and high beam. We can use the low beam headlights for close-range lighting, which helps to observe the road and easily avoid foreign objects.

IDBS bus simulator MOD features:

unlimited money

Last words

The game simulates bus driving in the context of major Indonesian cities (and will be expanded in the future to include driving many other things, typically boat driving). Nice graphics, although not too rich in vehicle types, but very invested in each model. The controls are easy to reach, although the screen is somewhat occupied by the control buttons. Anyway, IDBS Bus Simulator is a pretty good driving simulation game, especially if you are wondering whether driving a bus in Indonesia is different in Europe and America.

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