Honkai Impact 3 v5.2.0 Mod (NO CD + NO SP COST + DUMP ENEMY) Apk

Honkai Impact 3 - Continuation of the suspenseful action game about the fight of a special fighting squad, consisting entirely of girls, against the mysterious alien forces who are striving to destroy human civilization again as they have done more than once. The role-playing experience in Honkai Impact 3 ultimately draws players in due to its unique graphics and Valkyrie characters who can eventually become any waifu. Many elements await when players experience the game, such as crossover events between two games with the same publisher. Also, don't skip events to unlock weapons and costumes for your character. It is a game that will completely grab your attention.
* The ruler's powers were unleashed, transforming a Valkyrie into a powerful new form.
* The fiery temptress had innocent moments.
* A huge virtual world exists beyond reality. The dimensional portals are open and reveal lost treasures.
* People think they have unlimited imagination. The virtual world will put this imagination to the test.

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