Hole.io v1.25.0 MOD (Unlocked All Skin) APK

Hole.io v1.25.0 MOD (Unlocked All Skin) APK

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Hole.io (Unlocked) - and again ahead of us multiplayer action The main feature of this series is the original approach to the development system, you start playing as the weakest and undeveloped hero, and the imagination of the creators of The series amazes us really, we had to play the role of bugs, worms, soldiers, cars, athletes and others. In this game called Hole.io the situation is even more unusual, you have to play as a "black hole" in which everything falls down, home, cars and, of course, rivals, and for items and items you eat you will increase in size , which allows you to defeat stronger opponents.

Eat anything

Hole.io brings players to an open city, which means you can go anywhere you want in this city. This is also the arena of the game where you play directly with other players. First, you're chosen a black hole of the color you like, and then you're matched in a six-player match. The “food war” officially begins. Each game only lasts 2 minutes so you have to find what to eat quickly and try to enlarge the hole so you can eat more.

The gameplay is simple, you just hold your finger on the screen and control the black hole to go anywhere, it will follow your fingers. Whenever a black hole goes through something smaller than its size, it will automatically fall into the hole and you will get points. In the first phase you can only eat a few small things like traffic lights, garbage, trees or pedestrians. As you eat more and more, the pit will get bigger and you can eat a bus or high rise. At the end of two minutes, the player with the highest score will be the champion.

Hole.io focuses on simplicity of gameplay and controls. The hardest part is that you have to deal with other players. If they're faster, they'll eat the little things around town that will take you a long time to find something to eat. I think when the game has Time Unlimited mode it will be much more interesting.


Unlike other voodoo games, Hole.io has a very detailed and realistic design. Colorful 2.5D graphics are added by the publisher with many small details that make you feel like a real city. This publisher is always appreciated for the game's physical mechanics, and you will come across situations where a building gets stuck in a crate hole and it takes a long time to get it down. Overall I think the graphics and sound of this game are perfect enough to keep you hooked.

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