Hide.io v34.0.4 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Hide.io v34.0.4 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Hide.io is a mobile game based on hide and seek, a game that everyone played once in their childhood. It's so much fun that its excitement is even carried into our dreams at times. If you play Hide.io, you will be amazed again. Your heart will be threatened literally in every game level where the main character are the objects around you. The game is extremely entertaining. Since its inception, it has always been at the top of the best arcade mobile games of all time.


The game introduces Android gamers to the unique and interesting world of blocky shapes and characters, similar to Pixel Gun 3D. But instead of the deep and intense shooter gameplay, enjoy the relaxing and immersive hide and seek where you can have fun with friends and online players from all over the world.

In the game, Android gamers are introduced to the different environments with different sizes and configurations. Here you can choose all kinds of items and objects that fit into your environment. Become a target and hide in many interesting covers while transforming into a animate object that can move and hide freely.

Graphics and sound
Unfortunately, there is almost nothing to talk about when it comes to the graphics and sounds in Hide.io. Becauseā€¦ they don't really have anything to say. The graphic part is block style with pretty good colors, the detailed designs of objects are also good and the movement is fine. The sound is also average, not too flashy, not too dramatic and of course it doesn't come with special visual and sound effects.

What can you upgrade?
The longer you play, the more upgrades you get. And to a certain extent, you and your team can create your own makeup items to hide better. The downside here is that the game can't save these new items, so you'll have to recreate them every time you restart the game. But that's ok. You know, since the game is good, that disadvantage can be forgiven. Hopefully the developer will fix this bug next time to help players continue their creation.


* Simple, straightforward and enjoyable gameplay
Start by fully immersing yourself in the fantastic game of hide and seek in Hide.io while quickly enjoying the simple and straightforward mobile game. And at the same time have fun with the accessible and entertaining gameplay that will promise you a lot of exciting moments. Experience the unique game of hide and seek where you become an object and hide in multiple configurations, or be the tagger to find and catch them all.

* Detailed controls and movements
To make the game more interesting, in Hide.io players will also have access to the detailed controls and movement system for both the tagger and the animated objects. That means, as a tagger, you can quickly move around the map and reach multiple platforms freely. In addition, you can also hit other suspicious objects to discover hidden players.

* Play as both a tagger and an object
And for those of you who are into the exciting game of hide and seek, you will find that you can enjoy the full gameplay by being both the target and the object. Here you can enjoy the full fun by playing in both teams as you like. Show off your detective skills and observation to effectively discover hidden objects, or enjoy the clandestine experience by camouflaging yourself in the environment.

* A variety of different objects and maps to enjoy
In addition, in Hide.io players have access to a huge collection of different maps with different setups. Here you can select various objects relevant to your environment. Feel free to pick the right spots to hide and stay undetected. Or use the dynamic and ever-changing item setups to hack in undetected.

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