Hero Rescue Quest v1.5 MOD (A lot of gold coins) APK

Hero Rescue Quest v1.5 MOD (A lot of gold coins) APK

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Developer :
1UP Match 3 Games

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Descriptions :

Hero Rescue is an adventurous, fun game combined with challenging puzzle elements. If you follow the article on APKCAP regularly, you will find that this game has a similar gameplay to Pull Him Out that I presented. Hero Rescue gives you the opportunity to become a brave hero, take on the task of rescuing the princess and exploring huge treasures.

Hero Rescue recreates the scene with the well-known content "hero saves the princess". In this game you play as a clever hero with courage. The kingdom's only princess is being held captive by monsters in a castle in the wilderness.

The hero set out to rescue the poor princess while at the same time trying to find the hidden treasure. But this path is not easy, because the castle is guarded by aggressive monsters and thousands of traps are set everywhere.
playing style

In Hero Rescue, the lock is divided into sections and separates the sections with the deadbolt. When the bolt is pulled, things in the upper part fall or move according to the rules of physics. Parts of the castle may contain treasure, monsters, or traps such as lava and water. Therefore, you need to calculate how and when to remove the pins, which order is most appropriate.

Every miscalculation always pays off for life. Your hero is only offered 3 lives in each level. However, don't be too stressed if you accidentally use all 3 because if you fail you can still repeat this level many times. This gives you the opportunity to try many new methods and tactics until you succeed.

The controls of Hero Rescue are also quite simple. You can even erase all layers easily with just one finger. Playing alone brings more experience and challenges, but teaming up with friends makes the joy of overcoming obstacles twice as great and easier.

levels and challenges

Hero Rescue offers you hundreds of levels with many extremely interesting challenges. Currently Hero Rescue new version has updated 10 more levels ranging from easy to medium to hard.

However, if you don't satisfy everyone, you can try the series of challenges in the side mode. They are divided including 10 treasure levels, 10 block levels, 10 levels in the tower and 5 sword levels.

Of course, the level of difficulty of each type is different. But the system doesn't connect everyone into one continuous flow, allowing you to repeat or select the level you want.

Overall, the first levels of Hero Rescue are very easy and only take a few seconds to complete. But don't be so subjective, as the complexity gradually increases, with pitfalls and suspicions. Hundreds of levels will challenge your brain. You have to complete the levels in many different ways, e.g. B. Drag pins to kill spiders, cool lava to crush monsters, activate traps.

Compared to other games of the same genre, Hero Rescue has quite good graphics. The hero is very strikingly designed with strong armor and red hair. Princess and monster are also lovingly designed in a classic style.

Features :

* Great graphics and music.
* Friendly interface, easy controls.
* Hundreds of new challenging puzzles for 2022.
* Train your brain to solve problems.
* Loot gold coins and build an amazing castle
* There is no time limit
* Hero Rescue 2022 is completely free
* Offline game

Hero Rescue MOD features:

Unlimited Hearts: Waiting brings no joy to those who lack patience. Our MOD APK version will thoroughly solve this problem. Hearts will not dwindle after every failure.

Unlimited Coins: You will have lots of money to buy anything.

No Ads: You don't have to see ads every time you complete a level.

Last words about Hero Rescue

Hero Rescue is a charismatic, interesting and addictive puzzle game. At first I found it difficult to postpone the trip to rescue my princess. And although Hero Rescue lacks a coherent storyline and context, it's actually an intellectual game that you shouldn't miss.

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How to Download and Install Hero Rescue Quest?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.