Halloween Farm Monster Family v2.11 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Descriptions :

Monster Farm is a farming game that brings you a lot of fun to harvest strange things in a horror mansion. This place gathers many entities featured in horror stories like Frankenstein, and the harvested product can be exchanged for money. From there you will unlock many new things and get higher quality products to ship.


In the new version of Monster Farm, players will find many updates that will positively affect their gameplay. The first factor that you cannot ignore is the daily rewards in this game in particular. It can be said that this will be the motivating factor for players to log in and experience the game every day. Also, some starting level quests have been added for the player to perform and get additional rewards.


In Monster Farm, players look at a Frankenstein, but this isn't a character dressed up for the Halloween season, it's an outright monster. From there, the creepy mansion will appear before your eyes with a characteristic interesting sound, and you will have the opportunity to meet monsters and completely mysterious plants. Its primary experience is similar to farming games, so you'll both have a new feel, but it won't be too difficult to get close to the mechanics of this game.

Similar to other farming games, you will be given some instructions on how to harvest the mushrooms you planted before. But the strange thing is that they have a completely different shape compared to other plants of the same species. A bird can also allow you to harvest eggs, but it's larger than a regular chicken and has more fangs. So, over time, you will find many creepy creatures that can only be found in other horror stories.


Although this mansion gathers different monsters in the stories, in Monster Farm you have to produce agricultural products. This mansion is still taking requests and shipping products for a certain profit amount. At the same time, you will also find a sorceress riding a flying broomstick asking for a ball. Therefore, you will find a way to have all the necessary materials and machines to make the product that needs them.


Your work in Monster Farm is simple; It tends and harvests plants and produce from the bizarre animals you raise. Also, every time you harvest or build something, you get a certain amount of rewards, including experience. It will help you level up and unlock many buildings for you to build. They will help you earn more profits by diversifying the products you create.

You can make your feed for the animals you raise and make valuable products from what is harvested from them. Also, these products will be sent when a new request arrives, making you rich over time.


Features :

* The place you cultivate in this game is a Halloween style mansion and a collection of real horror monsters.
* You will find exotic animals and plants that produce different products that you can harvest.
* These products can become raw materials and help you to craft high quality things at a special exchange price.
* Over time you can collect many rewards and experience to unlock new unique buildings.
* Improved the daily reward mechanism and quest system to get more benefits in the new version.

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