Grand War 2 Strategy Games v47.7 MOD (Unlimited money) APK

Descriptions :

Grand War: Army Strategy Games - turn-based tactical strategy game with a historical setting and from a well-known developer. As before, players will play a dominant role in the events taking place and will be able to shape their own course of history. It all depends on their skill, strategy and a combination of a number of circumstances. After all, the opponent will not stand idly by. Ahead of the participants are hot battles, fending off unexpected attacks, covert maneuvers to gain an advantage, the development of various objects, interaction with famous characters and much more. This will definitely not leave indifferent any fan of the genre.


The world will change! Build your own empire, command an army and fight as one of the great generals in world history.
It's time for you to develop winning strategies and tactics, mobilize an army and achieve immortal achievements! The cloud archive feature allows users to switch devices without losing their data .Improved audio visual effects with the brand new game engine. 40 portraits of generals are redrawn and introductions are added.


Appreciate the changes of time through hundreds of wars. Witness the exploits and historical events between European countries in different wars!
10 chapters, over 60 famous campaigns, 100 countries and armies. Fascinating stories based on historical wars including Bataille de Marengo, Battle of Waterloo, Battle of Trafalgar, Battle of Leipzig take you back to Napoleon's European War.
Occurrence of historical events will affect the situation on the battlefield and complete the mission to get war rewards and glory.Strategy games with fun battle objectives based on actual wars from history. Refine your strategy in over a hundred war missions set in different European wars.
Unleash the full power of your army with a unique war strategy to outwit your opponents in all the famous European wars.
Control the battlefield, use different terrain. Plan your strategy and take part in epic battles on 3D maps. Battlefield has different terrains like plains, hills, mountains and rivers. Each terrain has different bonuses for different armies and generals. Choose your marching route carefully and lure your enemies into fighting on the terrain in your favor! Make it possible to win more with less!
Win victory under the given conditions that will test your leadership strategy.

Features :

* War alongside history's greatest generals and leaders such as Napolen, André Masséna, Maria Theresa, Blücher, Frederick II, Kutuzov, Nelson and other generals.
* Choose your generals and promote their ranks and titles. Any general can rise through the ranks, from simple soldier to marshal, from commoner to emperor.
* Train the special forces. More than 15 countries have more than 100 basic armed forces, including more than 30 legendary units such as cuirassiers, polish lancers, 20 lb unicorn guns, ancient guards, highlanders...
* Each troop has its own peculiarities and if you master them efficiently, you will be invincible. Each troop can gain combat experience, and when they become elite troops, their combat effectiveness will be greatly improved.
* Troops with high morale are unstoppable! You must use strategy in battle, surround your enemies and demoralize them! Don't let the enemy's cowards dare fight back!

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How to Download and Install Grand War 2 Strategy Games?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.