Grand Criminal Online Heists v0.9.6 MOD (Endless ammo/mod menu) APK

Descriptions :

Grand Criminal Online: Heists in the Criminal City is an exciting action game genre. If you're the kind of person who loves to mess around, then this game is for you. In the role of a villain, you will use all your vandalism to shake the city. There are no limits in this game; as long as you don't get caught by the police; otherwise the game ends immediately.

Grand Criminal Online has many more positive changes in this updated version. Car crashes and crashes become more realistic with new auto distortion effects added. Some new missions have also been updated, such as: B. "Root the ATM", which corresponds to a series of new rewards that come with the quests. The games publisher is also in favor of giving players a super modern aircraft that will make it easier to carry out terrorist attacks from above. Players can now change their names as well.


In Grand Criminal Online you are not forced into anything, you choose everything. At the beginning of the game is a peaceful city, of course you can choose to walk and enjoy this life. Or, to make the game more interesting and dramatic, find a way to destroy everyone in town. It may be just a light prank at first, but later you can turn it into gunfights, robberies or serious accidents.

They use violence to run over or rob people's motorcycles and cars. They will then use them to cause accidents or other robberies. This process brings you some great bonuses. You can freely commit many different crimes like robbery, fight, even causing accident or murder. Bank robberies will make your name famous throughout the city.


Your vandalism will attract the attention of the police. Particularly serious cases such as robbery or bodily harm make you sought after. The more you screw up, the more stars your star gets, which means you become a more dangerous criminal. This will attract a lot of police to arrest you. So limit dangerous crimes and find help boxes to lower your stars. It will help you be more secure.


In Grand Criminal Online you will encounter many different types of weapons and vehicles. Shops and item crates offer you a wide range of modern weapons with significant damage, such as B. Pistols, AK guns, airguns, etc. However, you will quickly run out of ammo, so to look for new firearms you will have to go to Keep in the city to replace yourself. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to encounter and control many different vehicles such as cars, police cars, even tanks, armored vehicles and even airplanes...


Join your friends for even more fun. PvE mode will help you get used to the game, collect more rewards and entertain yourself when you are alone. PVP mode gives you moments side by side with your teammates on your journey of road destruction. Work together on challenging tasks to make your name in the prestigious rankings.

Features :

Modern graphics for mobile!
Popular Online Modes: Play with friends in the sandbox and complete missions together in PvP and PvE missions.
Open World GCO: diverse city that transitions seamlessly from suburban homes to towering skyscrapers.
Criminals join forces for a series of heists in the crime city of Grand Criminal Online.
Sandbox Mode: Decide who YOU ​​will be in the world of GCO gaming: There are countless ways to make a living, from driving a car to owning shares in large companies.
Dozens of types of modern and military vehicles, from pickups to supercars
Varied arsenal of weapons From knives to grenade launchers to machine guns!
Wide range of clothing and character customization!

Grand Criminal Online MOD features:

Endless ammo

mod menu

Unlimited HP
unlimited energy
Unlimited Armor

Note during installation

If the game crashes when you first open it, please open it again.

Last words

Grand Criminal Online is what I've been waiting for. The game has the familiar open-world gameplay but with an added connection feature so everyone can play together. Now install this game on your device and realize your dream of becoming a gangster or a brilliant CEO that you have always dreamed of.

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