Good Pizza Great Pizza v5.8.1.1 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK


Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a fun entertainment game for mobile users. You will be the owner of several pizzerias, you will bake cakes and sell them to customers if you wish, tasty pizza will be sold from your shop. Do you really want to experience this joyful feeling, download our game now to experience the happiest and happiest moments together?


In the game, Android gamers have access to the fun and interesting features of the cooking simulation game, in which you take over your own pizzeria business. Have fun while running your business effectively by making the best pizzas, satisfying your customers with the best service and using many upgrades to run your restaurant more efficiently.

Until now, you have tried yourself as a pizza shop owner or not, the shop is completely dependent on your hands, many pizzas you bake are very tasty. Delicious and new cakes like TapBlaze, delicious pizza are conceived and made by you to meet the needs of familiar customers. Do your best to fulfill the orders by your customers, you shouldn't disappoint their expectations and get them done quickly. It's quite difficult to make enough money to run a regular store, requires you to meet customer demands and be creative in your work.

We offer Pizza News Network, the premier pizza newsletter on the market, providing players with the information they need to know about making pizza. The game includes more than 100 new customers, each with completely different requirements, unique orders and personality. The ingredients used to coat the pizza include pepperoni, onions, sausage, and more, which can also be customized to customer specifications.

You want to be the best in pizza management and business, you need to keep improving the shop facilities to fully meet the order requirements. This is simply cooking game simple pizza designed with fun and challenges for you to play freely. What you don't know has been provided with complete and detailed instructions. The game content or the processing is absolutely correct because the game is written by an expert who has 4 years of pizza making experience, so you can totally trust the pizza recipe. You have to be really passionate about this profession of pizza making to be able to practice it for a long time, every day you work hard to spend time in it. Refine your baking skills to create the best cakes, spread the name of the store to many other friends.

Image and sound in the game are perfectly designed and programmed with realistic images, the cakes clearly show the colors of the materials. The colors of the ingredients such as mushrooms, onions, sausages, beef, chicken and tomatoes are decorated in detail, the extremely subtle drawing makes the player feel the authenticity of the game. The cooking utensils, the kitchen, which is clearly drawn from the door, the refrigerator to the oven, we have shown most clearly in the game. The customers who come to the store are drawn in very detailed such as skin color, hairstyle, face clothing, thereby clearly showing their age and personality.


* Gameplay for kids, but content and experience for adults
To play this game you don't need any complicated skills, just drag, press, touch the screen. And the requirement for each round is hilariously simple: simply respond to the customer's request and keep their satisfaction bar as high as possible. After you've served a guest and made them feel happy, you'll be paid handsomely.

* Always remember “the customer is king”
I want to briefly explain the concept of the "happiness bar" in this game. You can roughly understand: Satisfied Bar = Time + Satisfied. Not everyone feels comfortable and not all customers even have 1-2 wishes.

* Money problems, upgrades and some bad customers
What are the customers' proceeds used for? Buy new toppings, improve the quality of the shop service, restore some rooms, diversify the pizza, do some marketing or even use money to buy the Happiness Bar Freeze feature that makes the Happiness Bar so slow decreases as possible.

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