First Strike Classic v4.9.0 MOD (Unlocked) APK

First Strike Classic v4.9.0 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Developer :
Blindflug Studios AG

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Descriptions :

Let's start the game by choosing a powerful country to accompany you on your journey of tracking young prey - typically the United States or North Korea. First Strike: Classic is a strategy game, so make sure you have enough intelligence to dominate. Regularly develop the perfect strategies to make the most of your defenses. Do whatever it takes to make it stronger by capturing or crafting nukes.


Blindflug Studios released First Strike: Classic, a new version of the popular war strategy game released for mobile seven years ago. The game is now available on platforms like iOS and Android as well as PC, allowing players to play anywhere without affecting the player's passion for entertainment like previous versions. If you are a longtime player of the old version, this will be a new and more enjoyable experience for you. However, if you're new, it's also worth a try, and the game also has a social center where new people can join the game. There are changes, important improvements that make the game seem like a whole new experience. The new version now has a completely new artificial intelligence with diverse and new tactics, and also the interface and graphics are beautifully redesigned, perfect in every detail. The code base has also been optimized and built from scratch. The game is also available for $3.99 on all platforms and your task is to download and play it right away.


There are twelve nuclear-armed superpowers to choose from to play. If you were in the real world, which country would you choose? Whether it is the United States, Russia, China or North Korea or another country? When you come to the game you can build rockets, conquer territories, research and research nuclear types with high destructive power. You can also control the world by shooting your opponents and defending the territory on your 3D globe against nuclear weapons. The old version was great and attractive, but in order to increase the fun and give players more immersive experiences, the new version and new improvements bring you just that. The improved gameplay brings you new fast-paced gameplay compared to the old version. There's also new artificial intelligence with new behaviors, a refreshed GUI, and a social hub for the fan community.


If you want to know whether the game is really good or not, consider the player's notoriety, ratings and objective comments. They are the first to experience the game and probably give you the most realistic ratings. Therefore, in this regard, First Strike: Classic is undoubtedly the game that has always received countless positive reviews on the gaming forums. This is a great healthy strategy game for kids aged 7+. It deserves to be the most desirable game of all strategy games and in the near future it could climb to the top of the rankings due to its attractiveness. As longtime fans, new players are also very excited and immersed in the game with endless entertainment.


At only $3.99 you have an impossible source of entertainment; it will give you a better experience. With an improved version of First Strike: Final Hour with classic tactical gameplay, First Strike: Classic is now the best entertainment companion for you. This friend will give you unforgettable moments with fiery battles and interesting things that you can only know by experiencing them directly. Even as a gamer or simply as a game newbie, you can play this uncomplicated strategy game immediately. You can find it anywhere from PC to Android or iOS at a meager price than these super awesome experiences. Nothing gets better than 3D entertainment and nuclear battles at your fingertips. Entertainment is entertainment, but entertainment is definitely coming to First Strike: Classic. This is an indispensable top game on your computer. It is a companion and a powerful emotional assistant, offering you both relaxing moments, waiting for you, and endless entertainment. Don't hesitate anymore. Download now and experience!

Features :

* Choose a force to accompany you on your way; it can be the US or an up-and-coming "soldier from hell" like North Korea.
* Make sure every war is won and your people don't hurt anyone.
* Offer unique strategies to pave the way for wars.
* Behave like professional rulers and start expanding national territory from conquest.
* Defeat everything with just small actions; War can be waged in many ways, through negotiations or through the use of nuclear weapons.

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