Farm City Farming & City Building v2.10.11a MOD (Unlimited Cashs/Coins) APK

Descriptions :

City Farm : Farming & City Building - high quality farm simulator with city development elements. The player becomes the owner of the big farm that can harvest crops, fruits and vegetables and breed large and small cattle. Received products are offered for sale to the farmer and receive a good income. The big winnings give you the opportunity not only to constantly improve the game and improve buildings and infrastructure of the town where he farms.


In Farm City, players must engage in productive farming and building activities to produce more products. Fertile soil and excellent climatic conditions will help your crop to grow smoothly. However, when you play for the first time, you can only grow certain crops, but as the city develops, there are more types of plants and animals. In addition, your cultivation area increases accordingly.


Through farming and animal husbandry, players collect many products generated from these activities and earn money from them. These products are brought into factories and produce the necessary goods and necessities for the people here. In addition, some of these products will produce raw materials and sell or trade with each other. All of these created goods can be traded or bartered to serve the needs of the people living here.


With countless beautiful and novel designs, players have the right to choose the most suitable and satisfying drawing by themselves. After choosing an illustration, you need to start building unique buildings and build a beautiful farm. The constructions are simple and normal, but you need to manage your time well so that they can be completed earlier. Through this, you will also learn some useful experiences and improve your skills.


Every job in Farm City is timed and your task is to complete it within the given time. If you let the time pass you will not get the reward or even have to start over. Each building takes time to complete, but the player can speed up construction by taking notes in-game. Completing buildings on time or faster than the allotted time will earn you experience points as well as small gifts that will greatly motivate you to complete the mission.


In order to better serve its characters, Farm City has prepared for you a statistical map of its needs. Follow the map to find the residents' stats and item requirements here. The players experience countless levels from easy to difficult and bring exciting and funny moments. You can also create unique collections of animals and natural phenomena.

Players will enjoy participating in Farm City through simple gameplay and attractive and addicting missions. You will experience great smooth gameplay with beautiful graphics and high quality sound. Enhance the experience of exploring and learning about the city with sharp, detailed images. Through this game you will also improve some skills such as problem solving, fine motor skills, ...

Features :

Simple and enjoyable gameplay of farming for gamers of all ages

To start with, Android gamers in Farm City will find themselves completely hooked to the simple and enjoyable gameplay that it has to offer. That’s said, the game features intuitive and exciting farming experiences that are suitable for gamers of all ages. And at the same time, it comes with a variety of different gameplay that makes the game completely different from other farming titles.

That’s said, with Farm City, you’ll find the game having a more city builder element compared to other famous titles such as FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape or Township, which usually comes with a themed story instead. Build your farming city, get engaged with plenty of interesting activities, and more.

Dozens of levels to get through and new challenges always await

As you dive into your in-game experiences, you won’t find the in-depth gameplay overwhelming at any means. That’s said, with dozens of interesting levels, each featuring the suitable difficulties, you’ll be slowly introduced to the gameplay. With reasonable difficulties, each level would be equally fun and enjoyable. Plus, the rewards would only get better in time.

A completely new world of farming on your mobile devices

Find yourself immersed into the new world of farming in Farm City as you take on the exciting farming gameplay with complete in-game features. Here, you can participate in a variety of different agricultural activities and even get to know the markets. Start by having your fields prepared, plant your crops, take care of them daily, and collect your harvests.

Learn how to turn your certain farming products into quality goods. Sell your goods in the market and earn income for future developments. Have fun with plenty of cute and friendly animals as you engage in livestock businesses. Build your own farming community on the island with various buildings for different tasks. Enjoy exciting in-game features with this new world of farming. Here, you’ll have an in-depth image of how the world of farming should operate.

Explore the large market with detailed commercial aspects

And to make the game more interesting, gamers will also find themselves having access to the detailed and dynamic commerce aspects. That’s said, the market isn’t going to be easy and mercy for any of you entrepreneurs. Competitors, market instabilities, unpredicted changes, and more. There are various factors that can affect your farming businesses and the entire community. The more you play, the more you would understand how your farming community work.

Build and design your own farming city

To make the game even more interesting, gamers are also allowed to build their favorite farming city with fancy and unique styles. Dive into awesome farming and city builder gameplay as you field your town with stunning farms, cute animals, unique businesses, awesome attractions, and lovely townsfolks. Have fun building and designing your own farming island with your preferred styles. Improve and develop the town as you progress through the gameplay in Farm City.

Take on a series of exciting tasks and challenges

As you progress in Farm City, gamers will also find themselves having access to a variety of different tasks and in-game challenges with unique gameplay. That’s said, you’ll be tasked with many of problem that involving your farms, the animals, the constructions, and sometimes, the certain requests from NPCs. These would require your puzzle-solving skills and fine motor skills, and real-life experiences to overcome. The entire experience would make the game extremely fun and realistic.

Enjoy the game with or without the Internet

For the hardcore handheld gamers, you can now enjoy the completely portable gameplay of farming and city builder with Farm City. That’s said, the game features the complete offline gameplay, which allows Android gamers to enjoy their farming fun whenever they want. Hence, it’s totally possible for you to enjoy the game while traveling on the bus or walking down the street without having to turn on your mobile data. But of course, there are still online features that would require you to sit down and find a stable Wi-Fi connection to enjoy. Nonetheless, the game is fun and enjoyable regardless of its online or offline gameplay.

 Last Thoughts

Fans of classic farming gameplay will surely find that Farm City is much more polished and innovative than any of your previous games, especially on the mobile platform. The fun and exciting gameplay of farming and city builder would surely surprise and entertain most of the players. And at the same time, thanks to our mod, you can now have fun with fully unlocked gameplay on Farm City, which is absolutely amazing.

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