Egg, Inc. v1.24.6 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

Egg, Inc. v1.24.6 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Developer :
Auxbrain Inc

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Descriptions :

Egg, Inc. (Unlimited Money) - another well-known and not a bad clicker game in which you earn a lot of money. The essence of the game is to raise poultry and sell eggs to get more clicks. The more eggs you sell, the more you get. In order to build up their production and get a regular income, you will receive a lot of money for this and build houses for your bird to live in. The more birds you have, the more you earn in Egg Inc mod apk, become a real tycoon and earn as much as possible!


In Egg, Inc., players will experience exciting gameplay managing a chicken farm. You will do many things to make it world famous and improve the ranking thanks to its growth. The gameplay is also simple, which every player can access thanks to the instructions and information that appear and introduce new features. Over time, you will know all the possible mechanisms for developing a chicken farm. The task that each player must complete is to create as many chickens as possible. You will see a farm with panoramic views and a chicken coop where the chickens can stay. At the same time, the red button at the bottom of the screen is the button that allows you to create as many chickens as you want. Each click creates a chicken, and of course if you click continuously you'll see a flock of chickens appear and automatically run to the chicken coop to lay the eggs.


At Egg, Inc., players will find many factors that determine how much money they make in this game. The first factor that any player will recognize is the number of chickens you make. Creating chickens is quite simple, but requires the player to repeatedly press the create button to fill the chicken coop bar. In particular, each chicken coop holds a certain amount of chickens, and with each of them appearing and going there, the amount of money you earn per second increases. Each player will notice in the chicken coop that the green bar will have a limit. So when you reach a certain amount, you will see that the number has exceeded the threshold and the house can no longer receive it. From there you have two options to solve this problem: build a new chicken coop or upgrade the old one to keep using it. These two methods are helpful and players can choose the solution they like without thinking about it.

The next item that you will see a lot is some unexpected items that pop up and give you a certain amount of money. Sometimes you'll see a drone fly into your farm and shortly thereafter fall to the ground. When it falls, you get money or golden eggs, a rare resource in this game. At the same time, chickens lay eggs when you create them. A car will appear to collect them and give you a prize shortly after.


At some point, you will reach certain limits with the items you own. In addition to the means with which you earn money, research is also the optimal solution. It's a game that can earn an impressive amount of money at the start, so it makes sense to update a lot of new solutions. At the same time, the options you find will also be tiered and you will find more exciting things.

Features :

* Simple, casual gameplay with opportunities to challenge yourself
* Chicken swarm!
* Dozens of research items
* Hundreds of challenges
* Many different chicken coops and transport vehicles
* A "nested" (pun intended) prestige system keeps the game appearing fresh over and over again
* Late game depth with cooperative play, deck building mechanics and even space exploration!
* Wonderful 3D graphics with pixel perfect UI and shadows
* Achievements and Leaderboards on Google Play Games!

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How to Download and Install Egg, Inc.?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.