Door Kickers Action Squad v1.2.3 MOD (Mega Mod) APK

Door Kickers Action Squad v1.2.3 MOD (Mega Mod) APK

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Developer :
KillHouse Games

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Descriptions :

Strange things have been happening lately. It seems that terrorist organizations have started operating in the US again.

Your first assignment in Nowhere City. As a SWAT soldier, you are brought here to prevent spread to other locations. Your talent and courage are the factors that will determine the fate of the nation in the coming days.
playing style

Although it's only a 2D game and a bit of classic retro style, you'll soon be amazed by the dramatic gameplay that Door Kickers: Action Squad offers. In Single Mission you act as a commander of a SWAT troop. Your goal is to break into the terrorist compound and rescue the kidnapped hostages.

However, the areas of your mission do not have a generator, and this means that the battle will take place in the dark. Every SWAT agent has a flashlight on their gun. If they see anyone moving, they fire immediately. Such a sharp reaction is a good thing, but it also has the downside that you can kill the hostages.

For the above reason, you need to pay more attention to the movement of each SWAT. The game gives directions, you just have to touch a team member and then drag on the screen to determine the path you want them to move. These controls may sound simple, but you'll soon find how the wrong path or SWAT in the wrong position can be a major obstacle when you're on a map with a lot of terrorists.

It sounds reasonable, but it doesn't really apply to Door Kickers: Action Squad. Terrorists not only have an advantage in numbers, they are also smarter and more dangerous when equipped with high-explosive bombs and machine guns. A SWAT may have good combat skills, but can they survive alone against enemies who have mastered their terrain? Maybe you already know the answer, so you need to take care of team tactics first. Don't separate anyone from the group just to explore or fight. That just made him die!

Try to let them move together. Spread out an area, hug the walls to defend or blockade an area where you're sure terrorists won't be able to resist.

As the SWAT squad commander, you must use many tactics to avoid losing members. The game evaluates the effectiveness at the end of each mission and based on this decision you are given the reward.

Control your SWAT squad

Good tactics alone are not enough. You also need talent soldier to do it. Door Kickers: Action Squad has a team of SWAT soldiers so you have the best choice for every difficult task that is ahead of you.

Each of them has their own ability to fight. Bruce Petty and Costin Dragomir have field ability stats that are almost absolute. Think about using your talents in complex terrain. John Sonedecker appears to be a veteran soldier and survived WWII, so the two stats Marksmanship and Assault Shooting are at perfect levels. There are very few SWATs like him, but other members can still be better with more combat experience.

Equip them with weapons

I've seen my soldiers cut down in gun battles. The reason is that their armor isn't really strong and the gun doesn't fire fast enough. Therefore, I had a hard time completing the capture of the terrorists' first base. I realize that they need to be equipped with better equipment. This is essential to victory as the complexity of each challenge gradually increases.

Door Kickers: Action Squad has a collection of different weapons. You can buy them and equip your SWAT forces for better battle effect. However, high weapon damage is not an advantage. A shotgun is very powerful and can kill enemies with a single shot, but it's only good at close range. SMG turrets are more specialized, have low recoil, and medium-range firepower suitable for long-range attacks.

Features :

* Highly detailed retro graphics
* 6 playable characters, each with unique gameplay and level-up options
* Unique strategic skill system in the game
* 84 non-linear levels to complete
* Endless tower mode
* 60 weapons and gear
* Over 20 enemy types and 4 mission objectives
* Zombie invasion mode that allows you to play the game in a new way

Door Kickers: Action Squad MOD features:

All chapters unlocked
Unlock all weapons

Last words about Door Kickers Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad will soon exceed your expectations to prove one thing, an attractive game doesn't have to have sharp 3D graphics. It focuses on gameplay and strategy building ability to bring better experience to players.

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How to Download and Install Door Kickers Action Squad?

First, click the download button, the APK file will be downloaded automatically.
Locate the downloaded APK file in your phone's Downloads folder and open it to install.
Go to your mobile settings, click Security, then Unknown Resources.

Now open the app and enjoy.