DesignVille Merge & Design v1.127.0 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK
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DesignVille: Merge & Design can be considered one of the best games in the puzzle genre. Puzzle games are often loved for their fun and endless challenges. But if you are bored with the usual puzzle games, this game is an excellent place to try it. Coming to this game will not only entertain you, but also immerse you in captivating stories, design things and participate in many other exciting activities.


The main actions that players can perform in DesignVille mainly consists of decorating each house or interior with distinctive species to make all things stand out. Nonetheless, each product comes in different types and colors, giving players plenty of opportunities to build spectacular species. As players keep improving problems, they will gradually gain full progress for each room, unlocking new areas or triggering random stories. Sooner or later, players can buy new furniture or paint to build a house with many stylish colors.

When you come to DesignVille, you will meet many nice and friendly characters who will open up exciting stories for you. Interact with characters that will take you further in the story and open up different personalities for your character. Each story that opens will provide you with many new opportunities and jobs. A perfect combination of stories and quests will immerse you in an exciting world that is just as peaceful.

If you are an interior design lover, this is a game that cannot be better. Renovating and decorating the rooms gives you the opportunity to let your creativity run free with the wide range of beautiful gadgets. As you complete the design of each room, the locked areas will open wider, and you will have new wonderful rooms to decorate. Random exciting stories are also activated, and shelves allow you to both expand your adventure and enjoy the endless creative time.

If you want to carry out your design activities, you need stars. And to earn a lot of stars, you have to solve match 3 puzzles. Because of this, the puzzles are focused and take place throughout the game. This is also considered interesting gameplay and promises that you will have to work hard to earn a lot of stars. Or just enjoy the time conquering the puzzle quests; at some point you look back and have a lot of stars.

DesignVille gameplay doesn't stop there, and you will enjoy more exciting activities as you join the game. Creativity is endless, so this is a great game that you will never get bored with.


* Fantastic graphics and detailed animations
* Fun and easy to learn to merge puzzle gameplay: combine tiles, merge and combine them to craft better tools and rare unique items
* Clean up the game board and rearrange tiles to make the experience relaxing, satisfying and relieving stress
* Level up, earn generous rewards and unlock new combos
* Creative design freedom without rules! Furnish your rooms as you wish, decorate gardens, renovate mansions and create designs of your dreams!
* Huge selection of furniture and decorations in any style!
* Fun storyline where you complete design jobs, search for new clients, meet cool characters and run your own design studio!

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