Dance Clash Ballet vs Hip Hop v1.1.45 MOD (Unlocked) APK

Dance Clash Ballet vs Hip Hop v1.1.45 MOD (Unlocked) APK

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Coco Play By TabTale

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Descriptions :

Dance Clash: Ballet vs Hip Hop is a casual arcade game that invites players to take part in the dance battle. Users will join one of two directions, and prove that it is the best. You need to pass all the tests and win the jury with their talent. To win, you need to create a unique dance to work out every move. Also it should be approached very seriously to the selection of costumes and partners in the pair. Only by doing this, you can hope to win in the competition.


Dance Clash is a game that allows players to unleash dance and ballet competitions with friends around the world. Players can choose the characters that suit their gender and set their own personality to their liking. Hip Hop and Ballet are two contradictory dance genres, one energetic and one gentle. Into the game, players will be participating in the battle of two conflicting forms and styles. Besides, you can also experience a variety of dance styles. The game allows players to download to their device at no cost completely free. The game is suitable for all configurations of PC, Android, iOS, with the compact capacity to help gamers play, not affected by external factors. Coming to the game, you will be immersed in characters participating in international competitions and become talented dancers that everyone loves. As long as you try all the requirements of the contest, you will also complete well.


When you enter the game, you will have to participate in great competitions and get to choose your favorite teammates. That is the first and most important factor that you need to do before playing. Will you represent the graceful ballerinas or the discerning hip hop dancers. Joining your teammates will give you more time to train and practice with them. Besides, you also learn many experiences that you are lacking and together shine your talents on stage. Be confident that your passion surpasses all competitors to become the highest winning position in the competition. In the game, ballet and hip hop are great to meet all the requirements of the gamer. Choose the best outfits for your character to score points and leave a good impression on the audience. Since you have to participate in a major competition in the world, during the performance, pay attention to your moves and all habits.


It's great, isn't it to show off your talents on stage and get gifts at the same time. The organizers will open a contest for couples to show off and team up to vote for who is the most popular. Therefore, please join and show your best to become a couple with a lot of votes. Attractive prizes will help you a lot during the game, such as decorating yourself with costumes and many other things. Who will win the contest? All opportunities are in your hands, please take advantage and join the mini-game right away, confidently on the path you have chosen. If you are the winner of the contest, not only will you receive those valuable gifts, but you will be expanded and become famous in the dancer world. Try your best and conquer the great sects in the world that make them admire your top talent.


Of course, all your difficulties have been answered by the game publisher. Coming to the game, players are provided with much helpful information and exciting experiences. Gamer is brought with many emotions of ups and downs, enjoy smooth dance rhythms, and make you excited while playing games. Some tips are provided for players to help players conquer the challenges and how to please the demanding judges. To overcome the competition and win the competition, gamers need to keep themselves calm and confident before the show. Do not create a lot of stress or pressure on yourself. Regularly exercise healthily to bring a slim body. Besides, it is essential to pay attention that the exercise will cause personal injuries. See a doctor heal the wound before going on stage. Honestly, the game is excellent for anyone interested in dancing and hip-hop dances. Dance Clash is a game that helps gamers show their top talents and enjoy the exciting things in the game. Quickly install the game on your phone to play with your friends. Besides, the game is suitable for all ages, highly appreciated by players in the game stores, so please rest assured and play it.

Features :

* Choreograph your own dance moves and blow the judges' socks off in the big dance-off show!
* Dress up in the most fabulous dance costumes ever! Elegant ballet outfits and super cool hip-hop clothes!
* You can even choose your own crew members. Choose wisely - you need a good team to win the dance competition!
* You have to shine like a star on this stage - get a makeover and a killer hairdo to look amazing!
* Climb the ranks and dance your way to the top!
* Keep an eye on the prize - make the golden trophy yours!
* Decorate the stage for the big dance battle!
* Play a fun dance mini-game and vote for the best dance team! Who will be the lucky winner - hip hop or ballet?!
* Dancers need to stay fit! Get in shape at the gym!
* Sometimes dancing is associated with injuries. Go to the doctor before the show to get better!
* You better calm that pre-show nervousness. Relax and pamper yourself at the spa before dancing!

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